Sunny and rainy day

We had a perfect combo day, very sunny in the morning and thunderstorms in the PM. After a long breakfast we headed out to the water park, perfect timing when sun came out.

Lizzy was too short to ride so we watched sofia going down the slides and having so much fun. Then I had to hide in the room for a while as the sun was really bothering my eyes. Daddy stayed with the girls until it was time for water bicycle (I didn’t know such a thing even existed)

I got to the beach before 12:10pm our scheduled spot. Then the guard said the previous customer just extended for 30 min so we had to wait. I refused that explanation! We got there 10am to book for 12:10pm and then they just gave the spot to the customer without consulting us? That’s not acceptable to me, so I made quite a scene until the guy had to ask the customer to come back. It was quite an illustration to the girls how to stay firm with our “rights” and pursue it until we get it. Daddy would have just get upset but do nothing about it and wait, or give up altogether with this activity. Me, instead would vent out the frustration and try my best to fix it. Such different styles of addressing conflict, right?

Anyway, they went for a 30 min ride, seems fun

and found a good spot to relax, watching the storm coming back

To hide from the rain the girls went to pop oro park for the last time. I rested in the room and went to pick them up few minutes before 3pm. They were having fun just running around.

Look who we saw, Poporo in Person! We took pics as souvenir 😉

Tourists started to arrive Thursday evening, the hotel suddenly got so busy. When we went out for dinner at the Japanese restaurant at 5pm, we were informed that it was fully booked already. What???? Wooo!!! So, instead we went to a Korean fast food place across the hotel, had noodles, rice and went back to the room to have juicy mango for dessert.

Although I don’t do much physical nor mental activities while traveling, I am sleeping so much more and so much better, averaging 9 hours per night, despite sleeping with the family. Due to hubby snoring, I had to move to the living room for few nights, but even that didn’t affect my quality of sleep. Could it be the sea wind? Is it possible to recreate it at home? I wonder ….

One thought on “Sunny and rainy day

  1. Love that pic of you and the girls!! So cute. It’s so true that how busy a place is can really affect the vibe of a resort/ tourist destination. I’m really not a fan of travelling during peak, super busy times, but it can be hard to avoid. Especially in places that have “good weather” only in certain times of the year, like the National Parks here in the U.S…..EVERYBODY goes in the summer, because that is when the weather is good and kids don’t have school. You guys were definitely probably running into the Easter weekend crowd, maybe? Is that commonly celebrated there? Or another school holiday? Crowds can be frustrating. But I guess that’s just how it is sometimes. When I’m retired/ the boys are gone from our house and my husband and I travel alone, my favorite time to travel is going to be September and May. Less busy around here, because those are times kids are all usually in school! But weather is still nice many places.


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