Last day, escaping from the crowd

Our last day at JPark island resort started with girls’ workout in the room. Sofia didn’t sleep well as she was bothered by daddy’s snoring. Me on the other hand moved to the living room in the middle of the night and woke extra energetic. Daddy took Lizzy for breakfast super early leaving me and Sofia alone in the room. As I did some cardio workout, Sofia joined me. Then daddy came back with Lizzy, and Lizzy joined us for a while too. that was such a fun way to start our day.

We went to have breakfast and found a waiting line to enter the restaurant…. and then waiting line to get the food. The place was sooooo crowded. Then I went back to pack up before noon check-up while girls went to the water park with daddy. After we checked out, I suggested we spend the last couple hours exploring a mall by the sea. Sounds fun right? Well, we hired a car to get there only to find it was closed/damaged due to the typhoon. I quickly found another mall few minutes from that one, also closed/damaged. So sad. almost 4 months after the typhoon, still many places don’t have water nor electricity. After our failed attempt for mall adventure, we went back to the hotel. Fortunately the electric scooter was free at that time so girls did it one more time and enjoyed it a lot.

We also went back to the ice cream place before we left for the airport. Our flight was on time, which is rare, and arrived Manila 7:10pm, and home an hour later. Smooth travel back.

I am very glad we went to this trip. Girls enjoyed the poporo park and water park. Daddy enjoyed doing nothing and the breakfast buffet. I enjoyed leisure time to relax, eat Japanese food, and seeing the girls so happy. We had plenty of space to talk about many topics including friendship (Sofia went through her list of friends noting their pro and cons), secretly planned surprise birthday party for Lizzy, our potential summer holiday, and so much more. Not sure when we will travel again, but given this experience, I’m up for spontaneous trip any day now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Last day, escaping from the crowd

  1. Hehe, I like the pic of the hotel room with clothes and stuff all over the place! That’s such a true image of what hotel rooms always seem to look like! lol. Whenever we arrive to a place, if I think I want a picture of the room, I always take one RIGHT away, because I know later it will end up being a big mess. Ha! Too hard in small space to keep everything all put away…plus all the swimsuits and towels and everything.

    I’m glad you had a fun spontaneous trip! I think a combination of some spontaneous trips + some more planned out trips would probably be my preference. Some places definitely require more advance planning, like if you’re going to the Eiffel Tower and need tickets in advance, for example, so they don’t all sell out. But like when we went to Isla Mujeres in January, which was totally low key/ low stress, it was really nice to just take it day by day, no plans!!


  2. I’m so glad you had a great time. I’m coming to appreciate/enjoy spontaneous trips more and more, but I think that’s because they’re actually feasible now. When the kids were little there was just too much planning that needed to go into trips – especially because they needed so much gear (a playpen for sleeping, diapers, special food etc). Now we can all just throw things into a suitcase and be ready to head out the door at a moment’s notice which feels…liberating!


  3. I used to be spontaneous but had to change because in the Netherlands, if you have kids in school, booking anything during school holidays is crazy. The good places get fully booked months in advance, so sometimes I even book 1 year in advance to ensure I get a place in a good resort. Such a pity to hear about typhoon damage in Cebu. My sister lives there so I’ve been a few time.


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