A surprise party for Lizzy’s 6th birthday

We had a wonderful Sunday that started with egg hunt organized by our building. Filipinos really get into festivals and the functional room was decorated for the occasion. Girls got excited for the hunt

The eggs were hidden around the pool and the garden. We went out a bit later than others, so they only found a few.

I promised to take the girls for a mani/pedi to celebrate Lizzy’s birthday. they got so excited!!! Meanwhile daddy started party preparation at home, as well as picking up the cake that I almost forgot!

Lizzy had her nails redone after the first combo design… mostly because she loves the process and wants to get it again.. hahah….

party was ready. As we walked home, I reminded Lizzy time to finish her homework. She reluctantly agreed and had zero suspicion. When we entered the room, her friends, her teacher, the balloons overwhelmed her. She froze for quite a while not sure what was happening! hahaha…. such a joy to see her reaction. The party facilitators (one was Lizzy’s previous pod teacher) started with a first activity, which is to ask her friends to write birthday wishes for Lizzy.

they had to read it to Lizzy, cover the eyes, make three turns

and stick to the bunny

second was a balloon relay which was not so popular, even Lizzy didn’t want to do it.

then it was bunny making craft, which got the kids entertained for quite a while

then cake and snack time. Girls chatted and ate their snacks.

The whole party lasted 2.5 hrs, perfect duration to fit in some organized activities, free play, cake/snack, and gift opening.

Lizzy was truly surprised because she genuinely believed this years’ present is to have two helpers instead of a party. I am so glad I decided to throw it for her, to make it so special and memorable before we leave Manila.

At 6 years old Lizzy started some formal activities

  • piano – more play than learn but that’s okay with me.
  • kumon math and reading – she’s good at them and does not complain anymore
  • mandarin – more play than learn but that’s okay as the idea is to expose her to the language
  • soccer twice a week – friend making occasion for her

Lizzy is

  • creative
  • cute
  • funny
  • shy
  • chatty with her friends
  • lazy
  • starting to enjoy reading
  • loves sleeping with a bed full of stuff toys
  • starting to enjoy music

Her favorite foods are

  • fruits
  • eggs
  • chicken
  • shrimp
  • fish
  • bread
  • sweets but not as much as others
  • tolerable to broccoli, cucumber, green bean, tomato, potato

She sleeps well, usually from 8:30pm to 6am.

I still call her bebe, love to squish her arms/legs/cheeks. I can still hug her as a bebe and we do lip kisses before bed 🙂

Things to work on:

  • tidy up her things, especially stop throwing everything on the floor
  • regular physical activities
  • participate class activities consistently
  • responsible to do her homework – with minimal reminder (I know, she’s too young for that, but ideally soon)

3 thoughts on “A surprise party for Lizzy’s 6th birthday

  1. Awww, that’s the cutest! A surprise party! We’ve never done any surprises for our kids like that on their birthday, but it seems like it all went so great! Love the little recap of Lizzy at this age, too. 🙂


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