Low energy after celebration

I took a day off on Monday and stayed home. After the trip and the birthday party, I felt tired physically and mentally. My mood was also kind of down, not sure why, so I tried to be gentle and stayed home. I had a long list of to-do such as submitting medical reimbursement, booking dentist appts for the whole family, paying bills, finishing school applications for the girls. One thing that I felt good about doing (or supervising) was decluttering Lizzy’s toy closet. It has been a mess for so long and I finally asked Jesica to clean it up and throw 1/3 of it. It did feel good. Next time I work from home, I’ll tackle Sofia’s.

Moving date. I would think that we will know by now when we will move. However, the visa situation seems complicated and the current estimated processing time is 13 weeks, from the day I have the full package of documents, which I don’t have. That means we might not be able to move before August 10, when school starts. That is causing a bit of stress so I’m trying to figure out alternative and backup options.

Summer vacation. We have narrowed it down to Europe, probably for 3 weeks, either France or Italy. We don’t know when yet as it will depend on the workload over the summer. A family friend asked to join. First, I was excited but then considering that I’d like to have a stress-free or minimal stress holiday, probably that wouldn’t be a good idea. It’s already quite a lot to adjust to our family’s preferences, it would add another layer of complexity if I need to factor in another 4 people. I guess I’ll have to gently hint.

Sleeping arrangement. Does anyone know how to fix sleep apnea other than sleeping in different beds? It has been an issue for a while, depending on my quality of sleep, I don’t hear it or I can’t s fall back to sleep once I am awake. Last night I had to sleep on the couch which was uncomfortable. Very frustrating but the idea of sleeping in different rooms sounds dramatic.

I like this quote from the book I’m currently reading:

Without action, a value is just an aspiration, rather than the way we really are“. So true, yet figuring out our values is not that straightforward nor fixed.

One thought on “Low energy after celebration

  1. It would totally stress me out too to not know when I was going to move!!! Summer vacation in Europe sounds awesome! I have a feeling Europe will be BUSY this summer, with lots of people finally taking their postponed European vacations from during the pandemic. I’m glad you guys will get to travel to a “farther away” destination again too, now that covid stuff has settled down, hopefully. For sleep apnea, has he been diagnosed? Has he ever had a sleep study done? Or been prescribed a CPAP machine for overnight? Those would be first steps I’d look into!


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