Sleeping buddy & reflection

One of birthday traditions for the girls are to sleep with me on their birthday. Somehow we missed Lizzy’s this year as we celebrated a day before her actual birthday. Last night, she reminded me that she didn’t sleep with me. 🙂 As I finished showering, I came out and saw this set up by Lizzy. She’s really funny.

I honestly don’t remember birthday celebrations when I was a kid. The only two I remember was at 10 and 13 years old. 10 years old is a big number in China, 13 because it was combined with farewell with my classmates before we moved to Argentina. I also don’t remember ever celebrating my parents’ birthday.

I had a chat with one of my closest team. We shared work related frustrations, which is part of any job. After an hour of that, I said “you know what? we are just lucky to even have a secure job. We don’t ever have to worry about being fired!” How privilege we are so stop complaining about these nonsenses. I got to appreciate what my parents went through as they made a living with constant worry of business failure, and not being able to afford my education or even just basic living. Now that I have kids, it would be too much to handle to get by the days while worrying about money. Due to my worrying nature, I’d contemplate every time we spend money, even for basic like food and roof. It might seem remote to us now, but actually it was not for my parents. Taking this broader perspective of where we are, those frustrations vanished immediately.


There are countless times when our plans suddenly change, something we thought was going to take place doesn’t, someone does’t do what they aid they would do, you make less money than you thought you would, you have less time than previous planned – on and on it goes. The question to ask yourself, what’s really important?

2 thoughts on “Sleeping buddy & reflection

  1. I always feel so grateful to have good, consistent work too. I would be a mess if we had to always be stressing about money. I am not that good at being super frugal!!! I find life way easier to be able to be overall pretty relaxed about money- which is a privilege, I know.


  2. Awww. That is such a sweet birthday tradition.
    I have TERRIBLE sleeps whenever a child sleeps with me (which only happens when they’re sick, so it’s pretty rare – but still…they take up the WHOLE king-sized bed)…but still, I think this is such a wonderful, special and exciting tradition.

    I remember as a kid wanting to have a sleepover with my sister (she’s 13 years older than me). I didn’t do it often and she would constantly tell me to stop moving, so I remember laying still as a board in bed trying not to wiggle…it was miserable, but yet I still loved those sleepovers!


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