Weekend formula

I think I’ve nailed down our favorite weekend formula: sport, kids play with friends, yummy food, long massage, and naps 🙂 Very low key, nothing “exciting” but so comforting to be doing things that nourish our body and soul.

After a stressful Friday at work, I was determined to focus on family time. Every time that I get frustration at work, I spend more time looking at my girls, and world just gets better.


  • soccer in the morning
  • groceries run with hubby
  • mandarin class for Lizzy
  • nap for me while girls went to the pool
  • got a new pair of goggle with Sofia
  • girls had a movie night with friends
  • reading time and bed

Sunday started at 3:45am with hubby complaining about his shoulder. He tore his shoulder/neck over a week ago doing a pull-up. Still not healed and very painful every time he sleeps on his back. I comforted him while half asleep then got up 4:15am. I went out for 10km run at 5:20am so I could come back to get Sofia for another 10km. I am so proud of Sofia. She’s getting stronger and stronger, and helped me to finish 22km, longest run in 2022.

Although I felt better than last Sunday’s run, it was still hard. I seriously doubt I can ever do a marathon… but hopeful that the training plan works its magic again. I’ve done the process 3 times. Every time when the longest run (usually 3 weeks before the race of 18-20 miles), magically I was ready to tackle it. anyway before that the run seems impossible.

I was a sweat/hair mess after our run but Sofia still looked fresh

we dipped our feet in the cold pool for 10 min before going home for hot shower and bath for me. I emerged from the comfy bath at 9am starving. After eating, I laid down for a while feet up. Sofia went on her day without too much fuss. Piano practice, kumon worksheets, and then went to golf lesson with Lizzy and daddy.

I managed to get out of the coach to make some yummy food for the family. I baked a “healthy” brownie (limited sugar, 1/2 whole wheat flour, olive oil instead of butter, and tofu and soy milk as base), and raspberries cake. These will serve as breakfast/snack for the family. Glad to report that they turn out great!

Sofia requested to have the Thai food we had on Mother’s Day, so I went to get it before they came back. Shrimp pad Thai and Viennese spring roll.

for adults we had grilled salmon head and many vegetable dishes.

I took another nap after lunch, 60 min of glorious rest, while Sofia had piano theory zoom class and Lizzy did her kumon. Then they went to soccer while I went to a 90 min deep tissue massage. It was so needed for post-run.

Dinner, movie night with popcorn, and I finished the book. I really love Kristin’s books. Every one I read, I enjoyed it a lot. Now… I’m debating to start another novel or a non-fiction. Really depends on my mood of the moment but I’m glad to say I’m finally back to consistent reading mode. It only took 2 good books to get me there.

2 thoughts on “Weekend formula

  1. Aww, the picture of all the girls for movie night is so cute!!

    I have no doubt that you can finish another marathon! You run so much and are in great shape. It is amazing what we can do when we just do a little at a time, incrementally increasing. I have only run one (full) marathon in my life, but I ran it within the first year EVER (2012) that I started really “running”. So I went from 0 miles in January/ February, to doing a half-marathon in May, then another half in August, and finally a full marathon in October. I also remember thinking, when struggling to complete my first “long run” on my half training plan of 5 miles, that I would never be able to run 26.2 miles without stopping. But 6-7 months later, I did! I ran the entire thing, and I think I finished in around 4 hours 10 minutes,. Not super fast, but I thought it was respectable, considering everything. 🙂 Anyway, with your training plan, you’ll be totally fine. When is the marathon again?

    Sorry about hubby’s shoulder- hope he is feeling better soon!


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