Mid-week check in: piano performance outcome, staple food, trip planning

hello blog friends, it’s Wednesday in Asia time and I thought to come in for a quick update.

Monday: Lizzy got back from school together with 2 other classmates as they were considered sick. She’s totally active and fine, just coarse voice. It seems that a virus is going on in her class. By today, 1/2 of the class is “sick”. Hopefully she can go back today. She doesn’t mind at all being at home, so many things to play with 🙂

Tuesday: We got the report from Sofia’s grade 3 piano. She did slightly better than Grade 2 (123 vs. 121 for grade 2), still room for improvement but I am pretty proud of her. She does consistently practice 45-60 min a day, sometimes over 30 times one song. That’s what I like about music practice, it builds her mental endurance. 🙂 She has been with the same teacher for over 4 years. I really like her. She’s strict but supportive. I’m sad that we will have to find another teacher once we move to Jakarta.

I got the e-visa for Cambodia, flight and hotel booked, so no room for decision anymore. I am not a bit more excited to go, just to be away for few days to be alone. Between now to Saturday, I’ll have to make a detailed meal plan for the family, and schedule of the girls so hubby and helpers know and make arrangements. It would be interesting to see how they “live” without me.

I am still on a streak for savory breakfast. I am amazed how much my preference changed in such short time. In 10 days, I’ve completely changed my morning palate. I used to NEED sweet oatmeal to start the day, but now I want savory food, specifically a mix of toast, egg, leftover veggies.

Lunch has been going strong with the same combo: cauliflower fried rice with crispy tofu, and egg if I didn’t have it in the morning. I used to think that people who have the same breakfast/lunch are so boring, but actually it makes life so easy and our palate actually adapts to it quickly. I know I might get sick of it someday, but for now I look forward to it.


Update on my dry eyes: with the combination of dry eye treatment and Chinese medicine treatment (herbs and acupuncture 1-2 times a week), it’s improving. I still use artificial tears to lubricate several times a day, but I can work in front of the screen for hours no problem. What a relief.

3 thoughts on “Mid-week check in: piano performance outcome, staple food, trip planning

  1. Hope Lizzy is doing ok. Do they still recommend a lot of covid testing there, when people have “virus” symptoms? Here it seems like everyone has moved to mostly doing the quick home tests whenever they have cold symptoms. I sometimes wonder if we’ll have to do that forever, though?? I don’t know.

    Big congrats to Sofia! That’s so impressive that she practices so much everyday. I wish Ethan were more motivated to practice….he is REALLY GOOD at the piano, but he just doesn’t have a really positive attitude about it. It’s frustrating. He seems to do just the minimum he can get away with. :/


    1. the school doesn’t require covid test anymore, as long as no fever, no severe symptoms, kids are welcome to go back. thank god!


  2. Poor Lizzy.
    I LOVE eating the same thing over and over again. Sometimes I feel guilty for not wanting to mix things up (and, in reality, I do eat a lot of different things, I just find it comforting to eat the same meal I enjoy on repeat)…but why? Especially if it’s a meal that tastes good and fuels my body healthfully!


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