Time trial, moving date

Sofia had the time trial for swimming for the second time. This time I went to see her. She joined 50m freestyle, backstroke, butterfly. I was excited to see how she performed. The results came out the next day. She did well for her age group and gender (top in backstroke and butterfly) but I felt she didn’t perform her best. She felt the same, which is good, and said she’ll practice more. I like her attitude more than the outcome! 😀

As I walked down the street of BGC on Thursday morning after my pilates reformer 1-1 practice, I felt so much gratitude when looking this. How pretty is the city that we spent 5 years living, happily call it our 2nd home.

The good news is that we will probably stay for few more month, until end of October instead of July. It’s part work need, but I kind of played a role for it to happen. I feel I’m not ready to leave Manila, especially the people I work with, the life routine we got to love so much. So, few weeks ago I started fantasizing to stay some more…. and the fantasy is becoming reality. It’s not 100% yet as it requires some HR exceptions again, but the bosses all agreed FINALLY.

I just finished packing for my work trip to Siem Reap. This time I took a pic of how I packed, will share tomorrow. My packing method is so different when traveling alone vs. traveling with the family. 🙂 I am excited for this trip after all. It feels indulging to be away for so long. Hopefully everyone stays safe and happy.

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