One week of breakfast

I often enjoy watching reading other people’s meals because I often enter into a rut with something until I get sick of it. So those posts are inspiring to try new things. Similarly, I thought you might be interested to see mine so I documented what I ate for breakfast last week

Savory breakfast continued strong this week. I don’t plan ahead but think what I want once I feel a bit hungry. I know.. .not the best planned way to rush out in the morning

Monday: 2 eggs with Ezekiel toast with homemade hummus and tomato

Tuesday: cauliflower stir fry rice with 2 eggs.

Wednesday: cauliflower stir fry rice with leftover bean sprout, 1 egg, and sweet potato

Thursday: cauliflower stir fry rice with carrot white bean burger

Friday: low carb “oatmeal” with protein powder, cacao powder and almond butter. The only sweet breakfast for the last few weeks.


Saturday: toast with hummus and lentil mushroom burger, paired with capuchino

Sunday: 2 eggs and kimchi dumplings. I really wasn’t interested in food after my 11 miles run so spent some time to think what I could put in and spicy dumplings sounded good, and eggs for protein.

In summary, my breakfasts look like any meal of the day. They are not standard breakfast food per se, and all involved some form of vegetables. After this week, I think I’m over with cauliflower stir fry rice, and eggs mostly. I’m now getting into vegetarian burgers…… 🙂

Do you eat same breakfast everyday? or do you change around? how and when do you decide what to have? lastly, would you like to see similar posts for dinners/lunches?

One thought on “One week of breakfast

  1. I struggle with breakfast!! I am just not that big of a fan of breakfast foods. Or, the ones I like to eat (say, cereal) don’t really provide much nutritional value or protein. I do like things like a cinnamon raisin English muffin or bagel, but again, that’s just a bunch of carbs. I definitely prefer savory options too. I like eggs with cheese and spinach, maybe with some toast on the side. Or, just regular food, like some leftovers or something- chicken, meat, etc. I do enjoy a breakfast sandwich, like egg, cheese, avocado, with turkey or meat on a plain muffin. Or eggs and beans in a spicy salsa! I haven’t had that in a while.


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