Decisions fatigue

Do you feel sometimes adult life involves too many decisions? I am happy to be the decider of the family but sometimes I just want to delegate to someone and give my brain a rest… just for one day. But that’s not possible, so instead I just delay the decision making for one day. For examples, I need to decide:

  • when to visit Jakarta for house search? could be next week or in two weeks? with husband or with the kids?
  • should we choose a building walking distance to my office or bigger condo with more facilities?
  • when should I schedule the packing of our things? just before we fly out or shall we pack before and stay in hotel/airbnb for few weeks?
  • am I going to Berlin alone for the marathon or should I take the family with me? pulling kids out of school for few days?
  • what’s for lunch/dinner today? I know I have the plan but I forgot we are traveling this Friday when I wrote it down
  • should I do my long run on Thursday or Friday morning instead of Sunday? 12 miles on the treadmill doesn’t sound fun
  • should I go to office this morning or only afternoon for the staff meeting?

and on and on…. will take a break making decisions today or ask this little “muscular lady” to make for me 😉

4 thoughts on “Decisions fatigue

  1. I hate making decisions. I tell my husband this all the time. Like legitimately get so, so tired from all the decisions I have to make in a day. I think this is one of the big appeals of minimalism to me – having a small wardrobe, a relatively empty fridge, the same meal every Friday for supper, supper each week on Monday/Tuesday etc helps cut down on the number of decisions I have to make. I’m what Barry Schwartz would categorize as a maximizer which means I want to make sure I’ve made the RIGHT decision every time, so that just adds a lot of pressure to me when I’m making small decisions where the outcome really doesn’t even matter…yet that still causes me stress!


  2. OMG 12 miles on the dreadmill – hard pass for me! I would definitely adjust my schedule to avoid that if at all possible. But I hate hate hate the treadmill/dreadmill.

    I get decision fatigue, too. I also like making decisions most of the time since I then have control of things/know what is going on. But it can get old fast.

    Big moves are very stressful. I’ve been relocated twice but that was intra-country from Minneapolis to Charlotte and then back to Minneapolis. An international move would be much more stressful/complex!


  3. Hahaha, this is funny. I am soooo indecisive and too many decisions really stresses me out. The moving stuff would be such a pain. If the other guy is moving to Manila, and you are going to Jakarta, are you in the same role? What’s the purpose of you two basically just switching spots? Maybe I don’t understand how it works 🙂


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