Hardest run, best burger

I had my hardest long run of the year, aborted at the last mile. Sigh… it was caused by stomach pain, which I never experienced before, from mile 1. I had to stop so many times to see if it subsides. My pace got slower and slower, I couldn’t drink/fuel so I was miserable the second hour. The girls run with me for few miles… but 2 hours later.. I decided to finish at 10 miles mark, 1 mile short of the target. Although I could have endured the pain, the benefit of extra mile might not outweigh the extra recovery I’ll need. Why did it happen?

  • It was third day of my period and this time I felt down and cramps since the day before. so energy wise was not as high as usual.
  • I didn’t eat my food for dinner the night before so it might have upset my stomach.
  • I didn’t sleep very well the second half of the night, thus affecting my energy (#1 cause of energy level for my runs).

Yet, I’m proud to have reach 10 miles mark despite the pain. As I was running, the quotes from Can’t hurt kept coming back. Compared what he endured, what I was feeling was nothing. I told myself that long run that feels good is not real work, it’s when time like this, it’s a test to my mental strength. So I kept going… slower and slower but I kept going.

Once home, I took an hour rest before getting up for breakfast. I meditated for 30 min, following waking up course. I felt very rested afterwards.

Girls went to golf with daddy so I had a quiet morning to finish breakfast, plan for the week, and journal of the day.

Lizzy decided to do a mini exercise at home, carrying Coolie who’s 4.5 kg already around the house. Poor cat.

I made the best burger for the family! The secret ingredients? butter, fish and soy sauce to the meat, and freeze for 30 min before grilling. It turned out so juicy. I added lettuce, tomato, homemade pickles and melted cheese to the combo. Hit the spot for everyone.

And got photos from the agent in Jakarta about a potential new condo for us…. looking forward to check it out.

We invited my replacement’s family to our place in the afternoon. They were posted in Jakarta, I’m his replacement. They are visiting Manila to look for housing and wanted to meet up so I can answer like related questions. Again… our move is feeling REAL!!!

Girls went to soccer while I continue my book.

Sofia had a good game and came back telling she was the striker, the coach moved her to 11/12 years group because she was playing very well. She was super excited and proud, but also tired. We both hit to bed 7:50pm. šŸ˜€

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