Thoughts during 90 min massage

We went to golf, 18 holes, 4.5 hours, and dozens of goats so chill that made me smile.

Hubby sent me an article about the Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, about why she’s the one for him. I enjoyed the article and sent him back one section of the article, that they commit to date at least 2 hours per week to connect, aka date. We never did that… but might be good prompt to give it a try. So, we are trying his out… every Friday at least 2 hours out of the house to do something that is not massage. 😀

We started with golf as it’s hubby’s favorite hobby and slowly growing on me. I am not good at it, it takes so much mindful practice, but yesterday was a good play. I could catch up with husband and often heard him say good shot. Golfing is so different than running. Running is about endurance, a space to free the mind. Golfing requires concentration, slowdown the mind, and power. I like that it challenges me in a different way, helps me to practice mindfulness. Progress is slow but steady.

Both of us were tired afterwards, my legs and arms were sore because I ran two consecutive days and 18 holes is about 6 miles walk. So I ordered a home massage for us. Such a luxury!

While I was on that bed, I realized my mind never stopped. I know we all know this, but it’s only after daily meditation that I observe my mind and thoughts as if I’m a third person. It was funny to see how my mind jumped from one topic to another

  • I listened to Move with Heart episode with Melissa’s husband. And the question of when did they know the each other was the one came during my massage time. I replayed our love story… how we got together after years being apart. The sweet and warm sensation all came back, which is nice. In the mist of daily life, we forgot what got us together to create this family.
  • I recall I wanted to be a diplomat when I was 12 years old. I am sure I had no idea what it means. But funnily I ended up living expat life.
  • How should I write recommendation of my helpers after we leave. They are such kind people, I need to make sure they find a job.
  • Lizzy is so lazy but so cute. I want to eat her cheeks and slap her.
  • I need to buy another golf shirt as I burned myself again.
  • I need a running short that can fit my phone so I don’t need to wear a belt.
  • What’s for lunch tomorrow? maybe smash burger.
  • oh this massage therapist is soooooo strong. I’m in pain but feels so good.


messy mind…. all the time. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Thoughts during 90 min massage

  1. I’m so jealous of the home massage!!! Massages are one of my favourite things ever.
    We’ve been on family vacation for a few weeks and I’m really missing our weekly at-home date nights (Sat and Sun).


  2. That sounds wonderful, a 90 minute massage!! I haven’t had a real massage in forever. I keep thinking I should schedule one. I like your random thoughts, haha! It’s nice to just let your brain be free to relax and move from one thought to another, wherever it wants to go.


  3. Ahhhh a massage. I need to schedule one of those soon! I love the random thoughts, too.

    I have not had structured dates w/ my husband since the pandemic… that is something I want to re-start this fall! We spend time together watching a show at the end of every night and have had more time together lately since our older son is finally not requiring us to sit in his room until he falls asleep! So now I feel like I can hire a babysitter for date nights and not stress that it’s going to be a disaster!


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