Choose housing = lifestyle

Just as we thought we’ve made our mind to choose the condo we first saw, I had a change of heart. This new condo that we visited is very new, and when entering the lobby, I was blown away by the design. So clean, grand, minimalist! Then we visited a 3+1 (3 bedrooms and 1 studio) unit which was as expected much smaller than I wanted (229 sqm). I told the agent this is too small… can you show me something bigger? well, the largest unit in this building is 249, not much bigger but I was intrigued. so we managed to see the bigger unit occupied by a colleague of mine in the afternoon.

It is still smaller than where we live in Manila and compared to the first condo we visited. Yet, in my mind I started thinking about maybe this could work. Just look at this view from the balcony. not that I’m a big fan of buildings, but the middle building is actually my office, which means I will be able to walk to work AGAIN. That’s a huge plus for me as I don’t like to rely on others to move around.

second big plus of this place is the facilities… all world class. A modern gym that I can imagine coming everyday. It has also indoor/outdoor/baby pool, sauce/steam room, bbq area, indoor/outdoor playground, tennis court, meeting room, a CINEMA of 6 seats. How cool is that? Also the building is attached to a boutique mall that I loved, walking distance to the biggest groceries store in then neighborhood, 15 min walking distance to kids school, and close to the stadium where I could jog. When I found out how convenient it is to run there as my colleague husband is a runner, I’ve made my mind that this would be my first choice.

I realized choosing the house is choosing the lifestyle we want. If we want to be mainly based at home, then bigger house makes sense. If we want to be going out, meeting friends, trying new restaurants, participating events, basically city life, then we have to compromise to smaller place. Jakarta is a very vibrant city, and I’d like to experience as much as we can, so city life it is.

Now we are in the process of negotiating with the landlord as there is another applicant. finger crossed we get the unit. I’m super thrilled to live there.

On Sunday I took Lizzy to an indoor aquarium safari in a mall. It’s small but quite nicely done, good for Lizzy’s age.

then we visited a colleague in the afternoon, Lizzy had a blast playing with two others girls of her age.

We visited the building once more on Monday before we walked to girls’ future school. On the way there, we tried street food.

the campus we visited is only for elementary, so substantially smaller than the school girls attend in Manila. I am afraid Sofia won’t like it, hopefully the content make up for it. Lizzy on the other hand liked it as she already has a friend and played all the time when we did the tour.

We took midnight flight back and arrived Tuesday 5:30am. Lizzy slept through the flight while I only napped for an hour. I was useless yesterday but I am fully charged now 🙂

After this short visit, I am so excited to move to Jakarta now. It seems a bigger city, more variety of everything to explore, and people are SUPER nice, which is a big reason I love Manila so much. It all boils down to people and connection.

Finger crossed we get the condo, and we will start preparing for the move.

4 thoughts on “Choose housing = lifestyle

  1. Wow, impressive facilities! I would always choose a walkable and convenient place over one where you need to commute. You just lose so much time (and life) commuting, and probably in Jakarta like Manila, getting stuck in traffic. So excited for you!


  2. Wow! This is all so exciting. And Lizzy appears to be a great travel companion.
    I agree – being within walking distance of places is a huge lifestyle choice and completely dictated our family choices when we selected our home. It was more expensive and required us to buy and older house than we wanted, but almost everything we need is within a 15-20 minute walk (school, doctor, my work, grocery stores, library, theatre)!


  3. I would also choose a walkable location, especially walkable to work! That matters more than space to me, especially since you will be out and about so much! The amenities are crazy, though! I’d be curious what the cost of living is in a place like Jakarta compared to the US!


  4. Good luck!! I hope you get the one you want. I have never lived in the downtown/ urban area of a big city like that- that would be soooo different for me! But I am sure it is fun and exciting, too. The facilities sound great! Where I live, most people have single family homes, like mine- just a private family house with a yard. It would be cool to have the gym, sauna, pool, etc. all right there on your property! I definitely think avoiding a commute makes sense, especially if you don’t drive. And even if you did, driving is probably a big hassle in a big city. Keep us posted…


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