Weekend scenes

Our weekend started with groceries trip while girls were at the soccer. I am amazed by how much vegetables I got.

we have leafy greens everyday for dinner, sometimes twice a day when I eat lunch at home. Girls don’t like leafy greens so I always make sure there are 1 or 2 other vegetables for them. For protein: I got crabs, salmon, shrimp, and chicken.

Sunday I went to local Costco to pill up milk, coconut, eggs, yogurt, dumplings, and chips (we are hosting Thursday evening)

these two groceries trips costed me 160 USD, quite typical amount.

Lizzy loved the crabs dish I made and had crab all over her face.

Sunday lunch post-soccer game for Sofia was sushi

caught Cookie at the countertop near the toaster, where cockroches accumulates. Unfortunately I didn’t catch up catching one.

Sunday afternoon: me reading, Lizzy doing her kumon.

Other things we did:

  • couple massage
  • golf practice
  • group run on Sunday. I haven’t joined my running group since the pandemic. This week I joined because one of the early members is moving to Vietnam so I wanted to see them for the last time. I have mixed feelings about group runs. It’s hard to find the runner that runs at your pace, either I run too fast with the fast group or too slow with the slow group. I guess it’s great for social but not so good for training. My priority now is to train for the upcoming race. After that I can do social runs.

3 thoughts on “Weekend scenes

  1. So many greens!! I’m probably lacking in greens big time right now. Here in Mexico they definitely do eat and cook with fresh veggies but also it’s a LOT of (delicious) meat and tortillas (tacos!!). Haha.


  2. Wow, that is a lot of veggies! Yum! I eat a ton of leafy greens, too. My boys won’t eat them sadly but I hope that changes with time.

    I was in a running group for years and luckily I was able to find someone at my pace. There was another woman around my age who was at the same pace and our personalities clicked. But that is tough to find! I now run with my neighbor and we are at similar paces, too. But I also like running alone so I can catch up on podcasts!


  3. Wow that is so many vegetables. It looks delicious and healthy. Love it!
    I am always amazed how contented your girls seem to be about doing Kumon. We have done NOTHING over the summer in terms of learning activities. Oops.


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