WFH day

After two days of 4 meetings per day in the office, I was really looking forward to WFH on Wednesday. I even rescheduled some meetings that was supposed to happen on Wed to be completely free meeting day. How did it go? Relaxed but productive.

I first had my physio therapy/pilates session which was challenging but glad I had it out of the way first thing in the morning.

Then I came home and started working. In WFH days, I like to read things that I need to read but can’t focus on days in the office. I am starting to read about my new country (Indonesia) and projects that we do there. It was such productive 2 hrs of deep work.

Lunch was about to be served so I came to check on husband who didn’t sleep well the night before and was taking a nap. Look who I found with him. It made me smile to see this. 🙂

I used to “criticize” husband being lazy when he takes naps during the day. Now I don’t anymore because who am I to judge what’s the right thing to do during the day. Plus he’s wise in his own way, something that I am discovering 8 years later. For example, I read one colleague feedback on me that I didn’t like. She said I am. not collaborative, which I thought totally not true. I was expressing my emotion to hubby about it, that among the 15 people that provided feedback, she’s the only one that said that. “precisely! you shouldn’t care what one person says about you while there’s consensus otherwise”, he said. True. Taking a step back, why am I even being affected by her comment? as long as I do what I think it’s the right and kind things to do, then I should not care.

I worked some more after lunch and cat nap, until it was time for my massage. The massage therapist was just ok but I enjoyed the time to think/relax/reflect with soothing music and dark room.

After massage, I went to buy few things I still need for Thursday’s dinner party that I am hosting. It has been 3 years since I last hosted dinner for my colleague friends. I am very excited. They are people that I genuinely want to keep in my life even after we move on to another country. 😀

2 thoughts on “WFH day

  1. After several days with lots of meetings, I always crave a day or two where I can just WORK and not have to juggle meeting schedules. I never work in the office anymore, but it just feels more relaxed at home without needing to go to office and everything. Glad you got some good deep work done!


  2. I’m enjoying being able to WFH 3 days/week for a bit longer. I much prefer working at home and find I am more productive. But I know facetime in the office is important, too!

    It is really hard to receive critical feedback. I am terrible at it and beat myself up/get upset very easily. I am glad that person’s comment was an outlier and that your husband could help you see that!


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