Busy week: goodbyes, shoes, eye surgery , etc.

It has been a hectic week. Suddenly it feels like life is back to pre-pandemic level busyness. Kids get home late, 4pm or even 6pm twice a week for Sofia. So we don’t get much time to chat and relax in the evening. I feel rushed most of the mornings thus lack of posting daily as I was hoping. Yet, some progress happened this week.

1. 3 of us got the visa to enter Indonesia. Sofia’s is still pending but it’s progressing, slowly.

2. Husband’s Philippine visa that has been renewing for 6 months is finally done. I was starting to worry that he might be stopped when we try to leave the country. Thankfully one thing less to worry about.

3. We got Cookie (our cat) rabies test back so we can finally process import permit. Finger crossed it comes on time, if not, someone will need to come back for her.

4. We “hired” a helper from a colleague who’s leaving. In fact, she’s the one who occupied our new condo. I met with Sri, the helper, when we visited the condo. The first impression I had of her, even with mask on, was great. This week we confirmed to keep her.

I’ve started to do my rounds of goodbye. Not with everyone, but those friendships that are meaningful to me. It’s sad to leave behind the familiar faces and jokes, but if we don’t let go past, future will never come.

Despite being busy with school, after school activities, and homework, girls are still being playful with the little free time they have. I love seeing their silly faces, for nothing.

I made a MAJOR decision in very short time, I decided I’m going for ICL, implantable collamer  lens. In my last consultation with my eye dr for dry eyes, I asked her if there’s anything that I could do to improve my vision (-8.00 and -9.00) that will not worsen my dry eyes condition because I know lasik causes dry eyes. And she told me about ICL. After that, I did some search and I was really curious about it. Then I remember a friend did an eye surgery recently, I asked him and it was ICL. So I scheduled the screening for this Thursday. It took 4 hours to complete the entire process, at least dozen of machines to go over my eyes. They were not uncomfortable nor painful, it was just a lot of procedures to go through. Then I met the doctor and he was super nice and convincing, so I pulled the bullet right there. I can’t believe I made such an expensive decision so quickly. After the fact, I looked around prices of the surgery in the US, Singapore, all double than Manila. So I felt a bit better.

The lenses are being made, usually 3-4 weeks, so really tight to get them before my departure. Finger crossed it arrives on time, or I’ll have to delay/come back.

My main motivation for getting it not having to use glasses. I used contact lenses for over two decades so having to wear glasses really annoys me, especially when running. But with dry eyes, contact lenses are no longer an option for me, thus ICL seems like a good option.

Finally… shoes. I packed most of my shoes and the last pair of heels just broke. I need to get new shoes and a friend recommended a tailor made place. Among all the options, I’ve chosen these three. Since it’s tailor made, it takes a month to be made, totally defeat the purpose of buying new shoes… but well.. I really like these. Can’t wait to receive them.

I went to dermatologist today to remove milia. She saw my three gigantic hormonal acnes and prescribes me immediately antibiotic and 2 creams. She said those big ones in the danger zone (triangle around the nose area) needs to be treated. Inflammation in that area can go to the brain? not sure if it’s true but better to be cautious. Next week she’ll remove my milias once those acnes are gone.

One more week of work and I’ll be off to Germany! YAY! Definitely not changing my plan to accommodate the meeting, not worth it. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Busy week: goodbyes, shoes, eye surgery , etc.

  1. My mom has talked about the danger zone from her time as a nurse. A teen patient of hers had a bad pimple by his nose and then ended up with meningitis and died. She was scarred by the experience!

    The ICL surgery sounds interesting! I had not heard of it. My vision is not as bad as yours. Mine is -4.75 for both eyes. I looked into lasik 10+ years ago and wasn’t eligible for a reason I can’t remember. There are probably updated procedures I could be eligible for. My husband had lasik and was very happy with it. It would be so freeing to not need glasses or contacts!


  2. I really want to get LASIK. My dry eyes are much better than what they used to be so I’m hopeful I’d be eligible. I was screened and approved years ago, but didn’t end up going through with it because…it was a lot of money!

    Very exciting weeks and months to come. I like your comment about having to let go of the past to get to the future. So true!!


  3. AWw, I bet you are sad to say goodbyes. That sounds really hard.

    Hope all goes well with your eye surgery! I’ve worn contact lenses since I was 9 and sometimes get dry eyes really only when the air is extra dry- like if I have our fireplace running, which dries out the air. I wear a special brand that allows extra oxygen through, and it seems to help a lot. The idea of eye surgery kind of freaks me out! I am sure it will go just fine though.


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