Last normal weekend?

I realized this past weekend might the last one of “normal life in Manila” because next weekend we will be celebrating Sofia’s 10th birthday (8 days earlier than her actual birthday because I’ll be in Germany that day), the following weekend I’d be out of the country, the one after… maybe i’ll be traveling to Jakarta, and then our DEPARTURE date! Wooo…. do i prefer a slow departure or a rushed one? not that I can choose… just like the way we moved out of our condo.

Anyway, back to this last normal weekend.

Saturday girls had morning soccer. Then Lizzy had mandarin lesson while Sofia had piano lesson. I took that hour to try to get a birthday gift for my BFF as I’ll be arriving her home on her 40th birthday. I wanted to get something that has local element, so these bags with rattan looks appropriate. I considered this one but wasn’t fully convinced so left without buying it.

Then we had lunch at home. Sofia had her piano theory lesson online, Lizzy took a nap, hubby and I went for a massage. It was raining so hard so it was perfect to be having a massage. After that, i went to have a mani/pedi, first time in over two months. It does feel good to have my nails done, I feel more like an adult that way. 😀

Then movie night for the girls while I read a bit. Reading has been spotty lately due to all life happenings.

Sunday: as I started tapering, I only had 12 miles run. It’s nice to have a long run that I was sure I can finish. The trick this one is that I need to run at a steady marathon (?) pace for mile 8-11. The target was 9min/mile or faster. I was running with 3 kids (12, almost 10, and 9). I asked the 12 years old to pace me as he’s super fast, and Sofia and her friend to follow me one mile each. It was a great motivation to run faster having company. Sofia managed to keep up with us while her friend got lost few minutes in. For miles 8-11, we did 8:49, 8:40, 8:43. Not bad. But I am not sure that could be my marathon pace. We will see.

Sofia did about 9km, very strong.

Lizzy had soccer game in the morning while Sofia went to practice piano. I asked hubby to take me to the store again and got decided on this bag.

After a quick lunch, I went for another massage before heading out to picnic with a friends’ family. It was nice to be out in the open space, he’s building his house, so we got a tour of the semi-finished house, and then picnic and playground. I can’t imagine building a house for decades to come, deciding where to live for such a long time doesn’t seem to suit us now. Maybe one day, we’d be tired of living in different places and settle in one, meanwhile we are enjoying the ride.

We got back home just before bed time. Everybody got a sound sleep.

Less than 4 weeks until DEPARTURE date. OMG!

3 thoughts on “Last normal weekend?

  1. Oh my goodness! This is just all…so busy and fun!
    I can’t believe she can run 9 km! That’s incredible. And the girls are doing so much awesome stuff with language and piano lessons, sports etc.
    Also, that bag is adorable.
    Can’t wait to follow along in the process as you head out on life’s next big adventure 🙂


  2. I love the bag you bought for your friend! Great choice! And how fun to be there for her actual birthday! I did not do anything special for my 40th since it was pandemic times and I had a 2-month old baby so was soooo tired. So my 50th will need to be extra awesome to make up for my lame 40th. My husband didn’t do much for his 40th either.

    Your departure date is going to come so fast!!


  3. I think a bag is a great gift idea. I do not often buy myself purses/ bags, but they are really useful to have in a variety of sizes and styles.

    So exciting to be on your taper already!!! You are going to do awesome. I’m sure you will crush your previous best- your running game sounds very strong. Remember that you’ll have the extra “race day adrenaline” to push you along, too. And anyway, don’t stress too much about your time- just enjoy the race and let the chips fall where they may.


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