Getting back into routine

Monday felt the first normal day since we rushed to move out from our old apartment. I know this feeling of normalcy is temporary so I’ll take it as long as it is here.

I had a busy day at work, normal for Monday.

I had a lunch with a colleague friend, we set it up a recurrent lunch date until my departure. And she might buy our car, last item to go before we leave.

It was our helper’s day off which means I had to tidy up the room, prepare dinner for the family, all normal things that most people need to do in a daily basis. I enjoyed doing it and felt a sense of normalcy. Living in a smaller apartment means tidying up takes less than 15 min, and I got to feel very accomplished.

I was told to join an important meeting with our VP who will be visiting on the day of my flight to Munich. Grrrr….. I debated what to do about it… change my flight or just tell them i won’t join because i’m going for a personal trip? I told Sofia my situation and asked for “her advise”.

Sofia: so this person, is she your boss?

Me: she’s the boss of the boss of my boss.

Sofia: by not joining, does it affect things you’ll do later?

Me: marginally

Sofia: what is marginally?

Me: little

Sofia: well… then maybe you travel? because your BFF’s birthday is more important than work?

hahahah… I laughed inside. I loved how simple an almost 10 years old can put things into perspective.

Blogging… posting tidbits of our life feels normal, i’ll try to keep it up 🙂

Finally…. Lizzy loves to give me a lot of hugs when I get home after work. A lot of APA and catch up of our days.

3 thoughts on “Getting back into routine

  1. I would decline the meeting and explain you are on PTO! I think/hope she will understand.

    A return to normalcy must feel good. You’ve had a lot going on lately!! So many are talking about a return to normalcy/routines but it’s been business as usual for us all summer since our kids aren’t in elementary school yet. So I am appreciating the normalcy we’ve had all summer because I thrive on routines!


  2. I think I would decline the meeting too! Especially if I had scheduled time off and a flight booked. I assume you have some way of communicating your time off of work, be it a shared calendar or something for work? So if you have it on there, I would 100% not feel guilty missing a meeting.

    Glad you had a more normal day.. but as you said, with your move coming up soon, unfortunately I don’t think you are going to have a ton of “normal” days. 😉


  3. Ah, Sofia is so wise. This happened to me recently and I did join the call in the car on my way to our vacation. You know what? I wish I didn’t have to dial in, but it was not horrible either. I got to explain to senior management where we were on an important project. It was not like I had to cancel our trip or anything.


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