Five on Friday

  1. Both Lizzy and I woke up feeling sick. I was already feeling some headache on Thursday but Friday morning oura confirmed that I was sick (elevated temperature and RHR). My fever was not high but headache and fatigue was present. Lizzy woke up telling us her throat hurts when she swallows. She also has some fever, so I gave her tylenol. We spend the morning just relaxing, eating toasts and watermelon. Very chill. Our fever went away by midday but I’ve decided to take it easy. I guess now that more of less we are settled with the basic, my body is allowing the exhaustion and stress to have an effect on me.

2. I decided to try the local spa. It feels like Bali. I had 100 min massage, super relaxing, although interrupted many times as I was coordinating things at home.

3. We got Sofia’s temporary electric piano delivered!!! She can finally practice again. This is from a colleague that I haven’t even met, and she was kind enough to lend us her piano until our shipment arrives.

4. the community of colleagues here is wonderful. They are so helpful when I asked about things, references, etc. As I am finding teachers/coaches for the girls, I rely mostly on colleague recommendations, even people that I haven’t met. I am grateful for people’s kindness, it makes our transition easier.

5. In term of activities, so far I’ve arranged soccer on weekends for the girls (try out today Saturday), art at home, spanish (online with their old teacher as I haven’t found a local one). We tried one mandarin teacher on Thursday and it was terrible. When I went to see her and Lizzy, the lady was watching her phone!!! for a private lesson. And then, when she talked to me, she spoke in english instead of mandarin, her mandarin has a strong foreigner accent!!! And she asked for payment right after first lesson. All red flags for first lesson, so I told her we won’t continue. i am still looking for swimming coach for the girls as they can’t join the school swimming team until January, and mandarin teacher search continues. Finding the right teachers is so hard but I am determined to continue the search. I also got to appreciate how easy it was to find those teachers back in Manila.

3 thoughts on “Five on Friday

  1. Sorry for all the continued stresses of moving; you seem to handle it with so much calm, though your body is surely exhausted from all the things happening right now.

    I hope everyone is feeling 100% soon and that you manage to find great fits for the girls in terms of the various lessons. That is a huge undertaking when you move to a new location, but you’re getting things organized so quickly. Gold stars!


  2. Wow, sounds like you are settling right in! Amazing to already have all the activities and everything all set up. It actually surprises me a little bit that you’ve been able to find all the exact same activities, like soccer and swim, right away in the new country. I would think that maybe some activities just might not be as popular in one place vs another, etc. Having a support system/ colleagues who can help guide you seems like it would be SOOOO wonderful! Must make a huge difference instead of needing to navigate it all yourself.


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