Building new friendships

We had a great Saturday, starting with IKEA visit to get Lizzy’s desk. They loved exploring the showrooms. I felt fully recovered from whatever I had on Friday, even went the gym for a 40 min full body strength workout. Lizzy still is not fully well but has no fever. Poor little girl, she couldn’t speak as her voice is out. That didn’t affect her mood much though.

we had lunch at IKEA, and got home just for IKEA beds delivery for the girls. We were invited by a colleague for early dinner so we left home around 3:30pm. Hubby decided to stay to assemble the desk and the beds.

Girls had a blast playing with my colleague kids, around their age, and all at the same school (but not same campus with two of them).

I knew one of my colleagues since 2011 as we joined our organization at the same time. We haven’t kept in touch over the years but we shared background of growing up in Latin America, so it was quick to bond again. She also just arrived Jakarta, so we exchange tips and frustrations with admin.

We spent 4 hours at their house and it was great to socialize with new people, especially happy to see the girls playing so well.

Meeting new people is exciting but also tiring. It’s an exploration of whether we will become real friends or just temporary/convenient friends, especially people from work. In the Philippines, I made some real friends I know our friendship will continue beyond where I live physically, but that’s not guaranteed in Jakarta, although I am hopeful. The good part of befriending people from work is that we share similar life experiences, are exposed to similar work cultures, and share a mission at work. However, I also miss the comfort of spending time with people that I know well and care for. When everything is new, having things/people to go back to seems needed even more now. Anyway… part of the transition process, I am sure we will get there soon.

2 thoughts on “Building new friendships

  1. I also didn’t realize that there was IKEA all over the world! haha! We actually don’t have one near us- I think the closest is over an hour and a half away. We don’t own an IKEA stuff, but I know it’s very popular, and the couple times I’ve been inside a store, it definitely is fun to browse around and look! I’m sure you’ll make more good friends as time goes on. Meeting up with the old friend/ colleague who also just arrived would make me feel a lot more comfortable! That’s so awesome.


  2. I am glad you were able to find beds at ikea and get them delivered so quickly!! I was hoping to buy Paul’s bed at ikea and had one in mind but it was out of stock w/ not in-stock estimate. That was in 2020 when supply chain issues were horrible! So we found an alternate that has worked out fine.

    Meeting new people and establishing a new circle of friends is really really tiring. I hope you find people you connect with and that you can quickly settle into your new life in Jakarta. But there is so much work up front because nothing and no one is familiar!


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