Take time to process & things I am putting off

I feel like surfacing to the water slowly as I am making progress meeting my deadlines this Friday.

I had a full day at work, yet I spent 40 min chatting with my previous team in Manila. I really needed it… to vent out what I am going through while hearing he’s feeling the same adjusting to my replacement. We joked that we are like workplace married couple and this “divorce” is not going through smoothly. While I could have used that 40 min to advance my projects, it was a good investment and selfcare for my mind. I found interesting that I felt more comforted by my work friend than husband. It is because husband wouldn’t understand in detail the issues I am facing, he can only comfort me at high level about the stress of transition, which is super helpful too. Yet, for office things, someone who understands how things work can relate more and I feel more acknowledged. I am grateful to have established such trusted relationships in Manila that I can count on even after I moved on.

I have many things to do at home that I can’t delegate to husband, nor I want to because they are fun:

  • buy dining chairs to match our new dining table. I am still debating to match it with all wood chairs, or with some fabric as we got a big teakwood table
  • buy office desk and bookshelf for me. I am debating to go with wood, industrial style, or a brighter color that doesn’t look like ikea. What I’d like to create is a calming, clutter free environment. Apparently, it is called Japandi (a mix of japanese and scandinavian style)
  • start meal planning or better yet, try new recipes
  • scheduling lunch with new colleagues
  • buy small home decor. Instead of rushing to buy what we absolutely need, I am taking time to think about what I want to buy, the style, functionality, and durability. The process is quite enjoyable

Friday started early and with a beautiful sunset, pic taken at 5:50am taking Lizzy for morning swim

2 thoughts on “Take time to process & things I am putting off

  1. Wow! What a view for a morning swim.
    I’m sorry things have been so stressful in the transition. I would say – this also sounds very normal, to me? Moving to a new country and transitioning into a new office environment with new colleagues – does seem like a VERY tumultuous time. Add to that needing to source furniture, navigate a new city and way of doing things, and you’ve had a SICK child, too. I’m in awe that you’re still managing to be so positive about things as I suspect I’d be curled in a fetal position in a dark room crying.
    I’m glad you were able to carve out time to speak with the team from Manila. I’m confident you’ll find your way quickly, but it’s okay to rely on the advice and receive comfort from the people you love and trust.
    I hope you have a restorative weekend ❤


  2. That is great that you got a chance to catch up with a Manila coworker. I have what I refer to as a ‘work husband’. I worked for him 10+ years ago and then he helped me get hired at my current company 7 years ago. We vent to each other a lot but it’s helpful because we can get it off our chest and move on. And he understands the challenges and personalities of people. My husband is not the best person to vent to honestly… he wants to solve problems/suggest what I should do but I usually just want someone to listen and nod sympathetically. Ha. I mean there are things I vent to him about but it’s typically not work.


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