Almost perfect Sunday & weekly workout

Our Sunday started with a good run. I did 7 miles alone before going back home to get Sofia for another 3. She hasn’t run since we moved, and her first run went very well. Our plan was to do 2 miles, but because there were so much to see on street, she felt good after 2 miles, and we kept going. It’s great that the main avenue is closed on Sunday mornings for people to exercise. So many joggers, cyclists, and pics taking pics. It felt like a festival.

once I got home, I took Lizzy to the pool. The outdoor pool was too cold so I left her with Daddy

I went to the sauce instead and stayed there enduring the heat for 20 min

relaxing morning at home, girls did homework, I planned for the week to come, we went to buy some baking equipment and then it was lunch time. The girls both had burgers and said it was delicious. they finish the entire serving by themselves.

we got home and relaxed a bit more before Lizzy’s tennis lesson. She did massage for my sore legs.

Sofia started the baking adventure. She made sweet potato brownies and banana muffins without much assistance. I showed her the recipes, and went for a coffee date with a new friend.

Got home past 4pm and we all just relaxed on the couch, read, and chat from time to time. fruits and cake for dinner. The girls watched an episode of Gilmore girls.

It would have been a perfect Sunday if not because Lizzy came to my room crying at 2am. Not sure if she got a new cold or what, but she had mucus and had trouble coughing it out and got scared because of it. I went to her room and stayed with until morning. at 4am she was quite hot so I gave her tylenol. Never ending cycle of sickness 😦

Following Sarah’s weekly workout format, here is mine from last week

Mon (rest day): 40 min pilates with Melissa Wood (MW)

Tue: 5.2 miles run (9.07 min/mile), 30 min full body strength

Wed: lower body and abs, 50 min

Thur: 6.3 miles (9:11 min/mile), 15 min pilates MW

Fri: full body strength 60 min

Sat (rest): 60 min pilates (MW)

Sun: 10 miles (10:20 min/mile)

3 runs, 3 strength, 3 Pilates. I like to move everyday, so on rest days I do either pilates or yoga to get the mental benefits of moving.

3 thoughts on “Almost perfect Sunday & weekly workout

  1. Oh no – not more sickness! I am so sorry. Ugh. This has to stop soon, right?!

    I’m glad you were able to fit in so many great memories, though. The first run, baking, pool time. A sauna sounds lovely to me this time of year when things are getting much colder in my part of the world!


  2. No, not another illness!! I suppose your kids are being introduced to a whole new batch of germs now that they are in a different country. 😦 I hope this virus is short-lived! The disrupted sleep is so tough, especially when you are not used to being woken during the night. A year ago, I was up 3-5 times/night and I don’t know how I did it. Will was up around 3 times/night when he had RSV and I was sooo tired as a result. I don’t know how that was my baseline for so long.

    Aside from the sickness it sounds like a great weekend! Sounds like you’ve got a further runner on your hands!!


  3. That pool photo is beautiful!! And mmm the sauna sounds nice. Our gym has a sauna in each locker room, but I don’t like the one at this gym. Our old gym had one of the traditional saunas with the hot rocks, and it was really dark in there and relaxing. Our current gym is one of the infrared style ones which doesn’t feel as hot to me, and it’s brightly lit, which I do not like either. Doesn’t feel relaxing.

    Great week of workouts!!


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