Getting rid of the lethargic feeling

I’ve been sleeping 8-9 hours per night and still feel tired at the time. I first thought that it might just because I had a lot going on thus needed the extra rest. But it’s almost a month since we arrived, we sort of found our routine, so this level of tiredness is not my usual self. I am suspecting that it’s related to my food intake since we arrived, which is all over the place and heavy on processed food and carbs. I have been living on quick carbs like bread, rice cakes when hunger comes and lack of planning. I know what carbs do to my blood sugar after experimenting with CGM for over 6 months, so it’s not rocket science to figure out my diet could be the culprit of recent tiredness. So starting today Sunday Nov 6, I’ll return to my usual diet that is whole food based, minimal processed food, a lot of vegetables, plant protein, eggs and fish, minimal fruit, and no added sugar. Let’s see how fast I return to my usual high energy feeling and not going through the sugar rollercoaster every day. Concretely, things I’ll remove from recent staples:

– bread

– rice cakes

– chocolates

Things I’ll add back

– colorful vegetables

– tofu and tempeh

– egg in a form that doesn’t cause me gag (it happens a lot lately when I eat yolk)

– fish and shrimps

Our Saturday was lovely. We started with some sweat. Sofia had tennis lesson, Lizzy went jumping around the gym, while I did a full body strength workout.

I have signed up with Moves by Madeline as she has a promotion for 1 month trial for $10. I’ve been doing Caroline Girvan since we moved to Jakarta. I like her workouts and music but sometimes I feel the moves become repetitive, the workouts could be long sometimes after my runs. So I want to try doing strength training alone, taking my time, and shorter and efficient. I’ll report back.

We had a friend over for lunch. After some chat, we went to Soulfood Jakarta. It is really authentic comfort Indonesian food, which means a lot of fried items. I didn’t like the food but enjoyed the chat with my friend. Girls read their books and kindle while waiting for the food.

I took a short nap with hubby while Sofia had her piano lesson. Then Sofia made chocolate chips cookies before we went to the pool. I ventured out to the outdoor pool with cold water. The first instant is really cold, but after few meters I felt comfortable.

Dinner was leftover food from lunch, a cucumber salad Sofia made, corn, pumpkin, and chocolate chip cookies. Girls wanted an episode of Gilmore Girls before bed time.

4 thoughts on “Getting rid of the lethargic feeling

  1. I have to admit I am jealous every time I see pictures of your gym – and so handy! Maybe I’d do strength training more consistently if I joined a gym? Then again…probably not. Sigh.


    1. Me too. If it’s not because of our gym I don’t think I would have started strength training. It really helps with motivation. If you want to start maybe you can try for a month.


  2. I’m glad you are going to try a strength program you can do on your own. I really find that format to be so great!! I love just being able to go to the gym on my own and do my own workout, not needing a video or anything. Great flexibility and I so enjoy tracking my progress and trying to get stronger each week.


  3. I have been feeling so tired lately, too. I mentioned it to my husband and asked if he thought it was me being sick, the kids being sick, having young kids? Or a combo of all? He is tired too. But I see a doctor next week and am going to see if she can check my iron levels to make sure I’m not anemic as that is something I’m prone to.


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