Fun and romantic sunday & last week workout

Kids had an amazing Sunday while hubby and I took the advantage of solo time doing date things 🙂

Our day started with a good run. I did 10.5 miles in total while Sofia did 4. She had side stitch for most of the run but she kept going only stopping when it was really painful. I love how much perseverance she has at this age already. Post run feeling was amazing. After breakfast girls went to the pool for Lizzy to complete 11 laps in the small indoor pool. I spent 20 min in the sauna without devise which was a great way to observe my mind while enduring the heat.

My first non-carb heavy breakfast was tofu scramble with egg, veggie, with side of sweet potato for a balanced meal.

Then we took the girls to Kidzania with kids of my colleague friend and their nanny. After that, hubby and I had 4 hours to spare all by ourselves. We started with a massage, followed by lunch at a vegan place

He had dragon fruit smoothie with coconut, really fresh.

For entree he had beef stay while I had chicken satay, both vegan and really good, both texture and taste were on spot.

For main dish, husband had black pepper beefless bowl

and I had a vegan version of a local street food (forgot the name).

I really enjoyed our slow relaxing lunch exploring new cuisine. After lunch, we walked around in the mall and then went to have a coffee

We both got quite sleepy by then, fortunately it was almost 4 hours and we went to pick up the girls. They had a real blast and didn’t want to leave. It was great that the other two girls were their age, so they paired up according to age and both groups had a lot of fun.

After we got home, everyone took a nap/rest. I got into reading my book, targeting 5% per day as it is a long book.

Dinner, Gilmore girls, facetime with grandma, and to sweet bed.

It was a really nice day for everyone. It’s great that we are in a new city so many new places to explore. I feel like to balance rest and play, we can only do 1 new place per weekend which is fine. Next weekend we might go ice skating or indoor climbing.

Last week’s workout

Mon: 40 min pilates

Tue: 5.3 miles run, 30 min full body strength

Wed: 2 miles with Sofia, 40 min upper body, 10 min abs

Thur: 25 min pilates, 25 min yoga

Fri: 4.5 miles on the treadmill as air quality was bad that day

Sat: 50 min full body strength

Sun: 10.5 miles run

2 thoughts on “Fun and romantic sunday & last week workout

  1. How nice that you could carve out some special time with hubby. 🙂 It seems like you guys are really settled in in Jakarta. How amazing for the girls to already have new friends and playdates etc.!


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