Feeling the shifts

It was a interesting Sunday, with ups and downs.

My stomach pain returned while I went out for Sunday run with Sofia (DOWN). It was not too painful, but I knew it was the start of the pain if I continued. So, we cut it short and went home. Then aiming to feel better, I went to the sauna without drinking much water after the run. 20 min in the sauna, I felt even worse. My heart was racing, my head was dizzy, and I felt nauseas. I tried to rest and calmed myself for a good hour without much improvement. I almost asked husband to take me to hospital. But then I remember to check my blood pressure, which was still within range, HR higher than usual but probably due to anxiety. I didn’t go to the hospital, instead, I had water with electrolytes (HOW DIDN’T I REALIZE IT BEFORE?). With little surprise, I felt better 30 min later. I could literally feel the shift in my physical and mental state during those 30 min.

I realized that post-COVID, I get these anxiety attacks easily when I feel physically unwell, causing the feeling of lack of breath, racing hearts.

As we waited for husband to cook lunch, Lizzy played with grandma while Sofia did lego. Such a sweet moment to see (UP) Look at Lizzy’s happy face… this is true joyful moment.

Sofia did a good job finishing her lego just before lunch. Then they agree to break it in one week time so Lizzy can build it.

I rested for a while after lunch, wanting to nap but couldn’t sleep. Instead, I just laid on bed with hubby who did took a long nap.

4pm we went our family cinema and watched Falling in Christmas (UP). I realized holiday movies is the perfect genre for the girls, so easy to understand and always heartwarming. They enjoyed the movie very much. While the movie was finishing, I ordered takeout for dinner, arrived just on time.

7pm, Lizzy practiced a bit piano with some red eyes (allergy from the cat probably), and then suddenly felt very down, either tired (exhausted!) or coming down with another sickness. I was worried again (DOWN). I asked her to sleep in my bed so I could monitor her better. She slept through the night deeply. I, on the other hand, woke up every few hours to check on her. Yet, I was glad to know she was fine. I could feel my mood lightening up by the hour. (UP)

3 thoughts on “Feeling the shifts

  1. What an interesting way to write a blog post – I think it’s genius. It shows how many ups and downs can happen in a day. I’m glad you ended on an UP, and I’m really, really hoping all the sicknesses circulating will be gone for good soon. You’ve all been through such a huge transition, and I hope having your Mom there will be a calming presence that helps further ease you into new life in Jakarta.


  2. Holiday movies are just the best! I totally agree. Sorry you had a sort of tumultuous up and down day, but I guess many are that way, aren’t they. Hope Lizzy (and you) stay well.

    Also- I woke up this morning to an alert on my phone about a serious earthquake in Indonesia, and my heart leaped! I immediately looked to see if it was near Jakarta- and it looks like it wasn’t too far from you- only 60 miles! Are you all okay??? OMG. Did you feel it or have any issues where you are??? I heard hundreds are dead at the actual site of it. Thinking of your new country!!! Prayers. Please respond back as soon as you can so I know you’re okay!!


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