The family is “full”

With grandma’s arrival, I feel our family is almost complete. Almost because my dad is not longer with us. The last time we were all together including my dad was in 2017 before we came to Asia.

The girls are beyond happy. The 3.5 years’ time gap vanished as soon as they see grandma. They can’t get enough of her. Grandma loves to do their hairs, dress them up, being girly, things that I almost never do with them.

Our Saturday started early despite going to bed 1am on Friday. Girls can’t wait to see grandma. I felt strong enough to visit the gym for the first time this week. I walked on the treadmill for 15 min before complete a full body workout, 52 min without many break times.

Then I went to have mani/pedi spa, booked a week ago. Having my nails done feel like put together even in gym cloth.

We went to the mall downstairs for lunch. We picked an indonesia food restaurant for grandma to try local cuisine.

The food was okay, quite spicy, and dining together with grandma is just so wonderful.

I had a dentist appointment at 2pm. I thought I had fillings that fell off, but actually it was tartar, so a deep cleaning did the trick. She also did a full mouth check up, all good, no cavity. 🙂

Back home, picked up my mom and we went for foot massage. It was nice to be chatting in such a relaxed mode. She said the foot massage is better in Jakarta than in China. Definitely will take her there often while she is here.

Girls missed her so they were happy to see us back. Quick dinner and I was so asleep that went to bed 7:30pm. I barely sleep the night before because husband kept snoring and I had nowhere to hide, hahaha.

I got to appreciate having my mom with us more this time. The pandemic made it impossible, and we all missed having her. Girls kept asking why grandma can’t live with us forever. She’s 72 and the years with us are not unlimited or doesn’t feel unlimited anymore. I will enjoy every day of it, chat more with her, do things that she loves, travel with her, and form memories for years to come. When she is feel, I feel relieved somehow, as she is providing comfort to the girls the way I don’t. 😆

2 thoughts on “The family is “full”

  1. So glad your mom is there for a good amount of time. I am sure she is loving all the attention from the girls and they are loving having her around.

    It’s great you felt well enough to do a good workout! I haven’t worked out since Tuesday! But I will run tomorrow and then have a 10k on Thursday which is thanksgiving. It will be slow since I haven’t ran much the last couple of months from all the illnesses but I love doing a race on thanksgiving day!


  2. I’m so glad she’s able to visit and it sounds like she has jumped right in to making the most of things. It’s great when family is able to integrate right into the daily routines of those they’re visiting. So a foot massage and doing the girls hair – it makes such deep, wonderful memories. It’s those everyday moments, I think, we miss the most when we’re separated by distance.
    Also, I’m so glad you’re feeling better!


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