Five things that made me happy on a Friday

1. Having body massage at the same time as facial. I went to a Korean facial place per Lizzy’s friend’s mom recommendation. To my surprise, the facial came with full body massage which was game changing. I always felt like not getting full service during the hour of the facial when it’s mask time. Well… not I don’t care because I get foot hands massage during mask time. How brilliant.

2. Welcoming classmate’s mom organizing play dates. I’m so grateful for the moms of Sofia’s friends, always inviting her over for play dates. She always come back happy as she feels so belongs to this group of friends.

3. Doing groceries with husband. I don’t do groceries any more as husband takes care of it. But when I can I always enjoy doing mundane things with him. Compared to dating period, running a household together as a team feels more intimate.

4. Girls super excited for grandma’s arrival. If mother’s love is true love, grandma’s love with the girls is heaven love. their bound is sooo strong even without seeing her for over 3 years, half of Lizzy’s life.

5. Mom’s smooth arrival. Her trip started 6:30am and finally landed Jakarta 10:30pm. A long journey for her with many potential obstacles. Fortunately she was well prepared and jumped through them without problem.

She’s here!!!

3 thoughts on “Five things that made me happy on a Friday

  1. I’m so glad your mother arrived safely. I hope you have the most wonderful of visits ❤

    Also, a double massage – face + body simultaneously – sounds like the BEST THING EVER!!!


  2. I’m so glad your mom is there! It’s crazy to think your youngest hasn’t seen her for the last 1/2 of her life! I am glad modern technology makes it easier to stay in touch, though. But there is nothing like being together. I bet she will spoil you guys with love and great food while she stays with you!


  3. I’m soooo excited for you!! I see my parents so often, so I can never imagine what it must be like for people that rarely are able to see their parents. Occasionally we have talked about what it would be like to live somewhere else, but I just really cherish being close to my parents for frequent visits, holidays, etc. so I never actually want to move away. I am so happy you’ll get a bunch of time with your mom!! Enjoy!!


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