Putting pieces together

I felt much better!!! Only some stomach pain upon waking up. And then no more in the afternoon.

Still, I wasn’t sure what caused my belly pain the night before, so I got blood and stool tests done to understand what caused the mix of symptoms.

I went to office and was actually happily distracted by meetings that I felt just like a normal day. The doctor sent me the tests results, and I dropped by the clinic after work. She went through the test results. Blood normal but stool test showed presence of bacteria and bacteria indication. The doctor suggested me to continue the meds for stomach acid and start 5 days of antibiotic of double dose of probiotics. I like that she takes extra care for patients when using antibiotics. Also, I asked her to piece together the sequence of my symptoms, from occasional stomach pain to full blown stomach pain, fever, and bacterial infection in the guts. Here’s her theory: the stress triggered stomach acid production, over time it got worse, caused imbalance in digestive flora, lowering immune system, catching bacteria more easily, thus fever and gut reaction. I think this makes sense so I agree with the cause of action, antibiotics, careful with food, manage stress.

I had lunch with a new colleague who was sick last week. She said that it’s good to get sick from time to time because it makes us appreciate more when everything body-wise is normal, and not waste energy on not important issues. So true.

My skin is so reactive to what’s happening in my guts. I have acne in many places. Not pretty but kind of expected when my guts are on fire. Hopefully with bland food, daily meditation, I’ll get my clean skin soon.

Hope this is the last post related of my sickness.

2 thoughts on “Putting pieces together

  1. I’m glad your doctor had an explanation of what happened that makes sense. I have had an off stomach for the last 2-3 days. I think it is a virus of some sort. I want my appetite back! I feel like I have barely been at full health in the last 2 months but I know this is what life is like with young kids in daycare.


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