Better stomach but new symptoms

I woke up yesterday with stomach pain like before, but after I took the medicine and some rice cakes, I felt better and managed to work for few hours. I was actually very productive working from home in my PJs.

The urea breath test result came back, and I was negative, so it was not H. Pylori infection.

I even made a pumpkin muffin before the girls came back from school. The loved it as it was soft and hearty with bites of chocolate chips.

Then I developed new symptoms. The pain moved down to the belly area, with my belly grumbling and turning passing smelly gas. I was telling Lizzy that I might have what she had, a parasite or something, and that this time she needs to collect my stool for the testing. She was excited to do the job.

The girls played balloon volleyball while I was curling up on the couch. Seeing them healthy, happy, and laughing made me feel better. At least this time I was sick, not them.

my belly pain persisted, I still had low grade fever, not much in the morning but afternoon went up gradually up to 37.7C. It took me a while to fall asleep as the belly pain continued.

I will get more tests done today to find out what it is. Our body is so complex, finding out what it has is like a detective work.

on a positive note, mom is coming on Friday! So excited to have her with us for few months. I really missed her, and girls miss her so much too. Having a mom is like I can still be a kid, that someone would know how to take care of me.

I know it’s holiday seasons in the US. It doesn’t feel holidays here in Jakarta yet, I hope things get more festival closer to Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Better stomach but new symptoms

  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! I am glad your mom is arriving soon and can stay with you for a good chunk of time. There is nothing like having your mom with you. My mom was a nurse so she is the best care taker ever. And she is always happy to take care of others – you don’t feel like you are bothering her by needing her, she likes to feel needed.


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