Stressed induced?

After Monday frozen experience I woke up Tuesday with stomach pain and low grade fever. I’ve had this stomach pain for over a week, never for long never weakening. But then it was strong and constant, to the extend I feel like bending forward for relief. I recalled last time I experienced this was during early phase of the pandemic, mostly triggered by stress.

I’m not sure what triggered this time so I went to the doctor. She examined me, asked me symptoms, and concluded that the pain is caused by stomach acid as it is high up and I didn’t have diarrhea. She asked me to do a urea breath test, to test for H. Pylori infection. If it’s positive then I’ll need antibiotics, if negative then just two weeks of anti acid medication. With that I went home.

I felt extremely weak, stomach pain was full and constant. I went to hot stone massage which took my mind for two hours. Got home the pain was still there.

My fever got up to 38.1 in the evening. I barely had energy to have dinner and chat with the girls. I managed to stay up until 7pm, then had to give them a good night hug before falling asleep.

Test result won’t be out until next day. I kind of wish it’s the bacteria infection, then it’s not my fault (for not managing stress well).


Yet I’m grateful to access to medical care quickly and receive good care from the medical staff.

3 thoughts on “Stressed induced?

  1. I’m so sorry, Coco.

    I obviously have no idea what’s going on – and am SO glad you are seeking medical input – but my sister got Shingles when she went through a stressful move. All that stress triggered a physical response.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon, but you have been through SO much lately – between training for/running a marathon, moving to a new country, working, caring for your kids (who have also been sick). I can only imagine your body is feeling quite run-down and weary. ❤


  2. I have struggled with acid reflux at different periods of my life, too. It is really awful. I haven’t had any issues with it for years and then this fall after I have RSV, it came back. I have been traveling more for work so that is probably the culprit, too. I’m back to taking prilosec every morning which seems to help. I know the feeling of kind of wanting a positive test so there is something to treat!


  3. I hope you feel better soon! The medical care situation where you are seems interesting to me- are you able to just walk in to the doctor’s office at any time and be seen? I remember it seemed with Lizzy I think you just went in, too. Or did you go to an “urgent care” type of place? Here, for something “non-urgent” we’d have to either call or message the doctor’s office/ talk with the triage nurse, and then schedule an appointment- but not necessarily even for the same day, if it weren’t truly urgent. If it was a more urgent thing, we could go to the Urgent Care clinic, but that wouldn’t be seeing our primary/ regular doctor. We try to reserve that for very rare occasions because it’s a hassle, longer waits, and just kind of not the most fun experience.


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