Exhausted and frozen

Good things that happened in Monday:

  • I finally finished reading a paper that has been on my to do list for days.
  • I met with a new colleague for lunch.
  • I found a new restaurant in my office building.
  • I got to spend 20 min in the sauce before dinner.

Not so great things:

  • I was exhausted after our fun weekend. I woke up with sore arms and sore everything.
  • I felt so cold in the office that I run into sauce the moment I stepped home.

After a fun weekend, Monday feels so bad to land in the reality.

3 thoughts on “Exhausted and frozen

  1. Ugh. Monday is usually my least favourite day of the week. I think it’s because I really struggle with transitions.
    And I HATE being cold, so that sounds like a horrible way to start the week. Glad you have a sauna to run into…but hope Tuesday is a much nicer day. Warm, your body feels good, etc.


  2. Is the weather similar to Manila? Assuming you’re cold at work because the air conditioning is on full blast?? I hate that! It gets so hot and humid here in the summer, but then everywhere you go, the air conditioning is so freezing cold that I have to carry a sweatshirt everywhere with me.


  3. Our office is often freezing, too, especially in the summer when they keep it cooler. I can never dress for the summer season because then I will freeze in the office. I have a warm shawl type of wrap and a warm blanket plus a cardigan. But I am always cold in general. That is one thing I love about WFH. I can control the temp!


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