Sunday usuals and unusuals

We had a relaxing, packed, and fun Sunday doing usual things and not usual things. πŸ™‚

We started with the run, as usual, 6.5 miles by myself and 4 miles with Sofia. This time, I went through the neighborhood chasing shades and trees which was fun.

After we got home, Sofia had quick breakfast and had tennis lessons. I took Lizzy to the Sunday car free avenue with a lot of food stands, markets, and people taking group zumba lessons. It was so fun to explore with it with Lizzy. We also bought local foods to try

which I had as breakfast: assorted vegetables with a spicy peanut sauce, tofu and tempeh. It’s super a perfect combo for me!!! Love love love!

While girls had art lessons at home, I planned for the week ahead, tidied up the room, and set up playdates for the afternoon.Then we went to have lunch at Grains of Glory, 200 meters from our place. It was absolutely the best meal I had so far in Jakarta! My plate had cauliflower rice with lentils, cucumber pickles, vegetables, and balinese spicy chicken. Sofia had her plate with brown rice, veggies, and best grilled salmon she said she ever had. Lizzy had brown rice with pulled beef (no pork in muslin country), and vegetables. We also shared baked sweet potato chips, and two kinds of brownies. Such a satisfying meal. I can’t wait to go back.

then we dropped Sofia at her friend’s place for a playdate

at home, Lizzy and I baked chocolate chips cookies before her playmate came.

and the UNUSUAL: we watched Avatar at our own private cinema!!! This is out of this world, PRIVATE CINEMA just for our family.

how lucky to have a cinema just for us. I loved it!!! We all wrapped up in blankets, homemade popcorn on hand, and enjoyed the 2.5 hours of the movie. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the movie. It’s a different experience to watch it in a theater than at home. I think my hesitancy about watching movie is due to lack of proper setting for movie experience. Now that we have it almost at home, I am excited to watch more movies!!!

When we finished the movie, Sofia asked what’s the message of the movie. I said to it makes me think that we as humans don’t need to feel threatened by other species, we can co-live. Then I asked her what she understood. She said: there is no bad guy in the movie. Everyone is just acting according their beliefs. OMG!!! That’s so proud for a 10 years old. Don’t you think? πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Sunday usuals and unusuals

  1. Oh wow, beautiful pool / or hot tub? that Sofia’s friend has! Is that at their house, or part of the condo complex?? And is the cinema a perk in your building? Do you have to reserve it or how does that work? I want to watch Avatar again. I’m pretty sure I saw it a super long time ago, but I don’t remember it. There is a whole “world” inside Animal Kingdom at Disney World in Orlando, Florida based on Avatar. One of the rides, called Flight of Passage, is our all time favorite Disney ride- it’s a 4d action ride where you feel like you are flying on one of those creatures from the movie. Ever since we went to Disney world last time we were saying we have to watch the movie to understand all the context! But we haven’t yet. Thanks for the reminder!


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