Saturday accomplishment

We had a busy Saturday with a big accomplishment!!!

It started with indoor golf practice. No sun, all the stats, air conditioner studio. It was so convenient! I can see we are coming more to this place than the range. šŸ™‚ We tried the share space and VIP room. Both are great! They also offer food so we had nachos while playing. How convenient! Sofia picked up where she left. I did poorly, totally forgetting the moves.

Sofia went home as she had piano theory lesson. I took Lizzy for lunch at an indonesia place downstairs. Did I tell how much I like Indonesia food? And sooooo many varieties. I’m super excited to try them all. So flavorful.

I ordered a vegetable soup with tamarin and peanuts which I liked a lot. Then there is this vegetable dish that looks promising, but it’s made of bitter vegetables, so I didn’t eat it much.

Lizzy had happy bowl with beef, veggie, and a croquette of unknown material. The beef is tasty but a bit spicy for her (almost 99% of food here has spices!) so she had to eat with water.

We all took some rest. When I went to wake up Sofia for her piano lesson, look who was sleeping with her. Her pow was on her chest. soooo adorable.

Then we went for the biggest accomplishment of the day: Tooth extraction for Lizzy. She already went there on Wednesday with daddy, but she was crying too much so they couldn’t do much. Daddy was frustrated, Lizzy scared, but we had to get it done. Her two adults’ teeth are already coming out and her baby teeth are wabbly. I had to have a serious chat with her about it, then agreed to buy her a gift if she cooperates. So we went.

She was scared, I was worried. Fortunately, the doctor was very experienced and did a good job pulling them out without her noticing. She cried right after seeing her mouth without her baby teeth, but I told her she was super cute and she calmed down.

we got home to pick up Sofia to go to buy the gifts. Sofia pulled one tooth the night before when flossing, so she was getting a gift too. With gifts on hand, happy face returned šŸ™‚

What a relief! These are her first teeth to fall off, a bit later than Sofia. Hope she is no longer scared about tooth falling out. šŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Saturday accomplishment

  1. Aww. The dentist can be so scary; I also had to have baby teeth pulled (4 in total when I was a kid), because the adult teeth were coming in before the baby teeth were ready to fall out. I remember being scared too!
    Sounds like a great, full, productive day (well, minus the dentist, but even that did go smoothly overall!)


  2. Ugh, dentist appointments with kids can be so brutal. Our oldest son is very very sensitive so the dentist is a pretty horrible experience. He might need to get a tooth extracted at some point as it’s broken at the root from a collision with another kid. I hope it falls out before that happens!!

    That golf place sounds awesome. My husband loves golf so he would be all about going there!!


  3. I’m so impressed you seem to have doctors and dentists and everything all lined up already. Do they speak English in the dental office?? You haven’t mentioned any issues with language barrier, so I’m just curious, as you’ve been out and about at massages and the golf place and hospitals and dentists already! Or do most people speak some English??


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