Three stories

1. Hubby and I went to a foot massage. The service we chose was 100 min foot and shoulder massage. It was a good one, yet when it ended I checked my phone and it was only 90min. So I went to tell the front desk that it was 10 min short. After arguing about 10 min, I got two 20% coupons for future use. Not that I needed it for financial reasons but it felt good to advocate for my right. we left the place happy and I told hubby that I need to tell to stories to the girls so they know they should also advocate for what’s right and fair.

2. The driver took us to the massage place. After we settled I got a text saying that he needs to go to the mosque for pray until 1pm. We were scheduled to finish by 12:40pm so I said I need you to pick us by then. Then hubby said: that’s okay. We could walk back. We need to respect his religion. So we walked back and told him to continue his pray.

3. I told Sofia about a work thing that came back. I was building the story, the suspense, she got worried a bit on the details and their implications. Then I told her, the takeaway of the story is that my old big boss is wonderful. He’s not longer my official boss but is going far beyond what he is tasked to do to help me. Sofia said: you should have started your story with the bottom line. Hahahah…. Maybe I should have.

One thought on “Three stories

  1. Aww, I think you did the right thing letting the driver finish his prayers. I mean, I can see like if you really HAD to be somewhere at a certain time, you might need to enforce the pick up time, considering I assume he is a paid driver, and kind of needs to do what he was hired for. But if you could walk and let it go, that was the best option I think in this case.


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