Parenting seminar

I attended a parenting seminar organized by the school. It’s a 6 weeks long seminar with 2 hrs per week. I have to be honest, attending a seminar with 90% stay at home moms, and only 2 dads felt weird. I know that we all struggle, and I am grateful for the opportunity to having to balance work and family. But sometimes that is really a challenge and I wonder whether my work or school could provide advice.

Yet, I enjoyed the discussion for several reasons:

  1. I felt acknowledged about the challenge of parenting. We all resort to quick fixes instead of long term solutions.
  2. I learned concrete tips such as setting up family meetings. I’ve read about this concept but never knew how to do it, nor the key points to make it productive instead of complaining session. I will discuss it with the family and maybe start doing it soon.
  3. I realized how little I was trained to parent. The instructor is a counselor and has real knowledge about how to parent. I know so little and feel like doing the job while learning.

While it’s time consuming, I will try to attend the rest of the sessions.

Sofia went to an overnight trip with school, I was with Lizzy alone during reading time. It is so much quieter and peaceful when there is only one kid at home.

New topic I am learning, land-based CO2 emission. oh well…. I need to get on the train about climate change or continue to feel like an imposter.

3 thoughts on “Parenting seminar

  1. I would totally be up for attending something that like! I know what you mean that it may be odd if the advice is strictly geared toward SAHMs or something, but in general, I really enjoy any kind of self-help/ self-improvement/ parenting content. Maybe not everything will work for you, but you never know- you may find some nuggets of wisdom that really speak to you, too.


  2. Yes – isn’t it CRAZY how we get no “training” for being a parent. It’s this huge lifelong responsibility and you walk into the hospital, deliver a baby…and then are basically left to figure it out.


  3. I would love to have access to a class like this, too! But I know what you mean by not necessarily feeling like the target audience by being the only working mom in the group. Hopefully you learn some great things/techniques.

    There is so much to learn about climate change. It’s kind overwhelming. My company is really know for our ESG/impact investing so it’s something many have an expertise in but I so don’t. But there are things I know a ton about that our impact/ESG people don’t so I try not to let it bother me too much.


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