People’s trait that I like

One of our local staff got promoted recently and we organized a group lunch to celebrate it for her. With two other colleagues we agreed to split the bill for the whole group. As we were finalizing lunch, we asked for the bill that never came. Then we realized that while we were busy chatting, she (the one who was promoted) sneaked out to pay the bill herself. We were all surprised for her act. I immediately liked her. That simple act tells a lot about her personality. It got me reflects traits of people that I like/admire:

  • reliable
  • loyal
  • humble
  • straightforward but kind
  • caring
  • open minded
  • seeks close friendships

On a separate note. My mom is coming to visit us in Jakarta!!! Finally, after 3 years of the pandemic that we couldn’t travel to China. I really hope the trip will be smooth and she can stay with us for few months. Mom is the most reliable childcare person I know 🙂 I wish I could provide more emotional supports to the girls, but with the work that never seems to end, I need a medium term solution so I don’t feel failing with both parenting and work.

A friend of mine in Manila texted me yesterday asking how’s Jakarta. I said: Jakarta is okay but I miss Manila people. His response was: time will take care of it. Will it? I still wonder.

3 thoughts on “People’s trait that I like

  1. Oh Coco; I’m sorry it has been such a tough transition. I think you’re doing an amazing job and sincerely hope (and imagine) that time will make so many things seem easier/more natural!
    I bet having your Mom come to visit (Hooray!) will be a big help both emotionally and logistically. I’m so glad you can finally be reunited ❤


  2. So excited for you to be able to see your mom!!! I cannot imagine going so long without seeing my parents. That will be so wonderful!!!!

    And on the personality traits, that woman sounds awesome. What a cool thing to do! I agree with your list too. I personally am “attracted” to people who have a cool, calm, collected manner about them- like people who are nice, and hard working, and high performers, but somehow stay really calm under stress and are just very “level”, I guess. I feel like I’m NOT really like that- I can get anxious or sort of riled up under pressure- so I always admire that trait in others.


  3. That is so sweet that the person being honored picked up the tab!

    I value a lot of the same things in a friendship. But I will say I can struggle with being open minded at times!

    I’m so glad you’ll finally get to see your mom!!!!


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