Small world

I met two people that I used to work/know in other parts of the world. It was so fun to meet with them in Jakarta.

One is a colleague I worked with in Manila 3 years ago who’s Indonesia. She returned to the country just before the pandemic. It’s unlikely we will work together in Indonesia (different teams) yet it was nice to chat with her, giving me many tips on where to travel to, joining her hiking group, and jut local knowledge for the living. She’s so welcoming and helpful.

Then I met with someone from Argentina who used to work in my organization. He left due to difference with the boss, a quite dramatic exit. Now, due to the pandemic, he built his own company doing similar work, traveling around the world, and creating jobs for many good economists in Argentina. I could feel his excitement. I love getting inspired by my friends. One could start a new career path even past midlife. Unless we close the doors and tell ourselves we are too old to evolve, everything is possible.

On a positive note, I received warm welcome when I got home last night. No one grumpy, spent 5 min before bed with each girl separately, and went to bed feeling I had a great day.

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