Nervous, anxious, sick?


A week after I got sick, I still don’t feel like myself. I haven’t run since Sunday over a week ago, that tells you a lot about my energy level. Also, my resting heart rate continued to be higher than normal, which worries me (40s vs 50s).

I’m supposed to fly out tonight to Manila for my eye surgery this Friday, another stress inducing event.

This morning I felt warm, some low grade fever, should I reschedule my surgery then? I wonder….

Will go to the doctor to run another set of tests…. sigh…


Just withdrawn blood and gave urine sample. Waiting for the results. I don’t know why I can’t shake off this “sickness” (real or imaginary) already. That pissed me off.

I’m feeling fine, just low energy level and anxious about Friday surgery (if I get to go).


Got back home, doctor office reminded me to do a PCR test before the surgery. Oh right!!! Then I should do it here before my flight!

3pm arrived at test center. Did PCR and antigen as PCR would take 6 hours for the result. So in case Im positive in antigen then I should reschedule my flight and surgery right away.

4pm got home. Antigen negative. Continued to pack my bag without knowing of I’m going. Got sleepy too, so took a semi nap since my flight is midnight.

5:30pm. PCR test result back, negative. I guess Im going after all.

See ya….

2 thoughts on “Nervous, anxious, sick?

  1. I hope you start to feel better soon! The virus I have is taking longer to go away that I would have liked. I’m not quite back to my normal appetite and it’s been a week. I guess it’s a super slow moving virus or something.

    I hope that your eye surgery goes well. It will be good to have it behind you. But I understand your anxiety around it. I’m not stressed about my uterine polyp surgery because it sounded really minor from how my doctor described it. But the eyes – that is scarier since they are so essential! But I hope it all goes well!!


  2. Oh no, Coco. What a long and frustrating sickness you’ve been dealing with – extra challenging because you knew you had a surgery date looming.

    Safe travels, I pray the surgery goes smoothly and more than anything that you are feeling much better very soon.

    Hugs from Canada ❤


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