Back to Manila – feels home

Coming back to Manila after leaving 1.5 months ago gave me mixed feelings. It feels home no matter how much I try to remind myself that it’s no longer. The familiarity of the places gives me comfort. It draws me wanting to move back, especially when I hear their filipino accent english.

My flight went smooth, the flight was almost empty so I could lay down and nap. Passing through immigration was fast, within 30 min I was in my friend’s car on the way to my new temporary home.

I am so grateful of friends that offered me to stay, and to take me to appointments. They take care of the logistics so I can focus on calming my nerves.

After chatting with my friend at her place for few hours, I went to the eye institute for final check up. It was a long wait until I saw my doctor who will perform the surgery. I expressed how nervous I was… he assured me that rarely anything can go wrong, I won’t feel anything, and in 20 min he will be done. Then he went through the post-op procedures. Finally, before I stepped out, he touches my shoulder and said: we will take care of you.

I then went to meet with my colleague friends and my mentor. They reminded me even more how much I missed them.

I got back home almost 7pm. Tired, hungry, and missing my family. My friend was not at home, I ordered takeout and ate alone. A lot of information and feeling to process, so I am grateful for this solitude.

I fell asleep before 8pm.

A big day to come!!!

3 thoughts on “Back to Manila – feels home

  1. Awww, I can imagine that would be a weird feeling!! You haven’t been away THAT long yet, that I am sure Manila still definitely feels like “home”. That would make me really sad, too. It seems like you were very happy in Manila. Is there ever any possibility of “staying” in one location for the long term in your job? Or do you have to always move around every few years. I know you like the adventure part of moving around too, but I’m just curious.


  2. Good luck with the surgery! It’s great that the do tor reassured you, it means so much. Moving from a place you like sucks. But honestly, I don’t miss the traffic chaos and dirt of Manila, just the people! I’ve lived in Barcelona and London, and I miss those two places terribly.


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