Being a guest

I am getting used to wake up and can see clearly sunrise. It is wonderful 🙂

I had my second follow up and everything looks good. My vision improved compared to last Saturday. One more follow up this Friday and I am good to go home.

I was reflecting that this is the second time I am being a guest to someone else’s home. The first time was when I went to Germany and stayed with my BFF. This second time is with a friend that I wouldn’t say it’s my BFF. I didn’t give too much of a thought before coming but once here, I try to do the following:

  • Adapt to the habit of the host. For instance, she leaves the window open when leaving the house so there’s ventilation. So I do the same.
  • Appreciate what host offers. This is related to food. I have particular preference on food but I happily eat whatever she offers me and be grateful about it.
  • Contribute without imposing. I don’t buy things because I like them, I buy things that she has already at home but ran out. Again, this is to respect habit of the host.
  • Help when I can. I offer to wash dishes if she cooks dinner, so it feels like team work and I am not just the guest.
  • Let her know my plans. While we don’t need to check with each other about our daily plans, I let her know when I expect to come home.

Have you been someone’s guest? What do you do to be an easy guest?

2 thoughts on “Being a guest

  1. I always try to clean up after myself and definitely offer to help with dishes. I try to just “go with the flow” and let them do whatever they want or need to do. Like I said in the last post though, I find it kind of awkward on both sides (unless it’s like, my parents or something- then it’s easy).


  2. It can be hard to be a guest at times. My husband really dislikes being a guest – even at my parents house. I do the same things you do – I just try to pitch in where I can and am respectful of their schedule!

    I’m glad your surgery went so well. How wonderful to be able to see without needing contacts! I have horrible vision but am so used to contacts now. I did look into lasik years ago but at that time they said they could tell I would need repeat correction surgeries. The technology has likely changed since then but I figure I’ll just stick w/ contacts. Oddly, my vision slightly improved this year – my prescription is -4.5 instead of -4.75. My eye doctor said as you age, your far sightedness improves and your near sightedness gets worse which is so interesting to me! I mean my far sightedness will never improve significantly but she said it will get slightly better as I age. The human body is fascinating!


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