Slow simple day

Since I am not allowed to do any physical activity and avoid outdoor time, I stayed mainly indoor, reading, resting, meditation, journaling, and reflect. I am enjoying this simple slow state of my mind, it’s like a post-trauma (the move, the sickness, the surgery) recovery time for me.

I finished ZEN in the morning while my friend and her daughter hang around the house. Then I went to a friend’s home for lunch. We used to travel together as families, Sofia is good friend with her daughter, and we are work colleagues. It’s nice to be back to our old building, familiarity brings comfort.

I got home 3pm and spent 3 hours planning for our December break. I finally finished the planning, booking the hotels and flight. We are going to BALI, 3 locations, 10 days. I am excited to be back with the whole family there including my mom as our last trip to Bali was 2017 and the girls were so little.

I still need to plan few short trips near Jakarta once school break starts, but that would be relatively easy.

My friend came back past 7pm, I was already in PJ to go to bed. I hanged out with them while they had dinner. I like that our conversation is fluid, casual, and comfortable even in silence. She’s someone totally opposite of me in many ways, artistic type (dancer, photographer), yet we both value our friendship. Despite not communicating much during the 2.5 years of the pandemic, when I told her I was coming back for eye surgery, she immediately offered me to stay with them. I was glad she offered because I prefer to stay with someone this time instead of a hotel in case I need post-op care. Also, among the friends I have in Manila, I knew I’d be freer and more comfortable at her place. Since I arrived, we each do our own things, no need to check with each other’s schedule. If we happen to be at home together, then we hang out, dine together, and enjoy each other’s company. Isn’t interesting we have different kind of friends in life?

8:30pm I returned to my room with a new book from her bookshelf. I browsed through it and ready to go to sleep.

My eyes had no major issue. I felt some pressure on my left eye in the morning. I emailed my doctor and he said he’ll check on Monday. The feeling went away so maybe it was my paranoia.

One thought on “Slow simple day

  1. That’s so great to have a friend like that you can be so comfortable with. I’ll admit I don’t think I would feel that comfortable staying with OR hosting anyone else. That sounds ideal though. I feel rather awkward or nervous staying with other people- and same for hosting. I overthink it and worry too much about what to do or what to offer for food or what to say… ha. Glad this has worked out so well for you.

    And Bali! Wow! So awesome.


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