Post-op adjustments

Day 4 post-op was busy. I was out since 8:40am and only got back 5:30pm. Meeting friends mainly.

Things that I can’t do during the first week post-op:

  • I can’t wash my hair in shower. So I went to a hair salon to have my hair washed and blow dried. What a luxury.
  • I can’t wear make up. Not that I wear heavy makeup but now I feel totally fine without it. The only thing in my face is sunscreen AM and moisturizer PM. It feels liberating and my skin is getting a good detox. And I notice my skin is not that bad. hahahha
  • I can’t exercise but okay to walk. So I’m enjoying walking as my sole form of exercise.

I told a friend that I just finished my surgery. She told me I am very brave. I know… but post-op I feel like it’s actually a very safe procedure. Sometimes, ignorance makes it more scary. Now, the friend that accompanied me is booking an appt with my doctor. I am glad that I inspired her to go for it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Post-op adjustments

  1. I stopped wearing make up during the pandemic when I was WFH. I felt like it wasn’t noticeable that I wasn’t wearing make up on zoom calls. Now that I’m back in the office, I wear a bit of eye make up and concealer but that’s it. My skin is soooo much better! I was using a really lightweight tinted moisturizer but even that would often result in blemishes!

    Getting your hair washed and dried in a salon is a great form of pampering!


  2. I’m so jealous – I honestly can’t imagine wearing zero makeup at all. I am so annoyed that my skin has just been kinda bad these last 5 years or so. Between melasma (hyperpigmentation) and hormonal acne break outs (often leads to marks or things I want to cover), plus my skin is just kind of drab in the winter and I am prone to under eye circles. I have been using a retinoid for not even a year now and really only been taking better care of my skin the last couple years, but I don’t know. I still wish it were better. I know the retinols can take sometimes years to really show true results, they need consistent use. I don’t wear heavy foundation or anything, but I pretty much always have some concealer on and I really prefer how I look with eyeliner and usually some bronzer powder or blush.


    1. I thought I need makeup or tons of skincare. This week without any shows me that I don’t need them much and everyone says I’m looking younger. Go figure.


  3. I think I went to that same salon after we met in BGC… is it Hair by Juny or something like that? Anyway, I didn’t think you were wearing makeup, at least you were not piling it on haha. For me I put on makeup for work almost like war paint, haha. It makes me feel ready and more energetic. Also eyeliner makes me look less tired but if I’m not working or going to a party I hardly wear any.


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