What a week

This past week has been challenging thus lack of posting. My mind is going through so many things and so many phases in short amount of time. Ups and downs, prioritizing, reprioritizing, frustration, denial, growth, and acceptance.

Compared to the mold found in my shipment, the other issue is 100 times more serious. It’s work related thus I can’t talk about it too much, maybe in the future. The mold situation is being addressed. Inspection will be conducted by the insurance company next Tuesday, to assess which ones could be fixed (cleaned properly) and which items cannot be salvaged thus they will reimburse. The only item that I need urgently is the piano, so I hope that one can be resolved/cleaned asap. Meanwhile, I’ve asked everyone about piano rental which seems difficult, so a colleague friend will lend me a keyboard.

The work issue makes me realize that hard work is not enough, we need a lot of luck for good things to happen. No single person can help you no matter how much that person is willing to. Stars need to be aligned for things to happen. I am grateful for my mentor that went WAY beyond his duty to help me, for that I’ll be forever in debt with him, and aim to be this kind of mentor and leader in the future. I also learned that getting different opinions about the situation is useful but none of them can help you make the decision. Yet, I am grateful that my work friends were responsive to help me assess the situation, even though we haven’t talked for a long time. Lastly, while I am not sure I’m fully satisfied with my current job, I am very grateful and happy to be in Indonesia with the family at this time of my life.

Given the mess of our unpacking days, I had to meditate on the floor among the boxes. Super needed for this week.

Saturday the girls had their piano performance, it was Lizzy’s first time. I was worried that she’d panic and run away. Fortunately, she was not shy and did very well.

Sofia played well. Both daddy and I loved her song and thought she did well. But for some reason the teacher who was giving feedback only gave her a B, while Lizzy got A with a very simple song and with mistakes that even I noticed. Sigh…. I guess I’m not professional enough to judge.

I am glad that the week is over, the work issue got resolved, although not the outcome I was expecting nor wanted. But I am glad it’s behind us for now.

I’ll be cheering for Argentina vs. France game tonight. Finger cross, it gives me a good ending of the week.

3 thoughts on “What a week

  1. I’m so sorry it has been such a tough week – and transition in general. You are going through so much Coco, and I remain amazed at your positivity through it all. Also, your kids seem SO resilient, and I can tell you’re buffering them from your own stress so well. So despite all the challenges, you’re doing an incredible job and I really hope that both the work and mold situations are resolved very quickly!


  2. I am sorry to hear you are dealing with something else on top of the frustration of the mold situation. I really hope that your piano is ok. Pianos are such delicate instruments but hopefully it was packed in a way that kept it from getting mold! I’d be so sad if something happened to my piano!

    I am glad you have a network of people to go to when something is happening at work. That is so very essential!


  3. I’m sorry you are going through something at work!! It is hard when there is an issue weighing on you and yet you really can’t blog about it due to having to be careful to not overshare publicly. I hope whatever it is resolves soon….

    Good job girls on the piano!! I’m still so impressed how you have managed to find all these activities and everything right away after barely being in Indonesia for long at all! It seems like there must be a ton of options available near you. That’s great.


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