Chaos again

Our shipment arrived yesterday. Our place is a chaotic place once again.

To our surprise, most of furniture came with mold so we can’t use them anymore like our master bedroom bedframe, two sofas, piano chair, side tables, even my boots.

Our countertop is full of kitchen things. things that I don’t even remember packing and things that hubby claimed never saw them.

Boxes of books unopened and don’t even want to open.

Kitchen appliances that I wonder if we really need them again after not using them for two months.

Clothes that I am not sure where I’ll fit them.

Sigh…. moving is messy.

BUT I know in few days when we sort everything out, once we get the damaged items reimbursed, we can get new furniture. Then I will be glad that the process was actually not that bad. Every move makes me to minimize our belongings, our lifestyle, and remind me how little we need to live WELL.

Still, I’m a bit anxious about the second half of delivery today. Piano will be delivered today, and I hope it doesn’t have mold.

Another sofa bed will be delivered and I’m afraid it might not be usable as 1/2 of our sofas had mold. This means we will have to buy another one ASAP so the kids can sleep in a proper place other than living room sofa.

Last night we slept in our mattress and spring boxes, which was not too bad. Hubby even said, why do we even need a bedframe.

Many boxes to open today and reorganize our closets to fit everything.

Oh well… next time we move, I’ll do more sorting, so we bring only the essentials.

3 thoughts on “Chaos again

  1. Oh no! That’s terrible about the mold! You’d think they would have had your stuff in some kind of climate controlled setting.. ugh what a hassle. I hope the rest of the arriving items are in good shape. I don’t envy you having to deal with organizing and unpacking all of that. Yuck. It’s so overwhelming, and then I feel like you end up needing to buy like bins or shelving units or closet organizers, etc… always turns into a project. Good luck!


  2. The mold sounds terrible! And you had those issues with mold right before leaving when you had to evacuate your apartment. I am so sorry!

    There is a lot of emotions tied up in moving AND possessions that we know/love – so this is a lot to process. All the best as you work through unpacking and seeing what can be salvaged from it all.

    Hang in there!!! You’re getting so much closer to settling in to your new space ❤


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