Celebration & relax

We celebrated hubby’s birthday on Saturday. It was planned ahead of time with a special dinner. He wore the batik we got him for present. Now he looks local. 🙂

We went to Sudestada, an argentina restaurant that a friend recommended. It was my first time going to an Argentinian restaurant for a long time and first time for the girls and hubby to try Argentinian food.

You may ask what’s Argentinian food. It’s a mix of italian, spanish cuisine with highlight of meat, argentinian style cut beef. I ordered matambre, octobus and empanadas for appetizer, and vacio, asado, seafood rice as main dishes so the family could try assorted beef cut.

The food was amazing, authentic, tasty, we really loved it. The we ordered lava cake for the must-candle blowing “ceremony”.

Every year we take a pic as a family, girls are getting bigger so fast, me getting colder and hubby getting chubbier 🙂 hahaha…

Sunday started with 4 miles run with Sofia. I was so happy to get back into running after 1 month of pause. I honestly think I was in a mini depression period without exercise. Now that I can get back to it again, my happy days are back! It’s really amazing how much physical activity can boost one’s mood.

Sofia did great, we average 10:30 min/mile.

the girls had art lessons followed by tennis lessons. Meanwhile, I organized the closets in preparation of our shipment delivery. Then made lunch for the family. Lizzy helped out with cucumber salad and green beans cleaning. Four vegetable dishes, and hainan chicken as main dish.

Afternoon was spent reading for everybody, and then the girls made monster cookies, in preparation for Christmas cookie feast.

Very relaxing Sunday.

I continued to sleep wonderfully with my earplugs, life changing!!!

2 thoughts on “Celebration & relax

  1. I’m so glad the earplugs are helping.
    Sleep and exercise make SUCH a difference in terms of mental health.
    Happy Birthday to your husband. The food all sounds delicious. And how lovely your Mom is visiting and could join in the celebration.


  2. What beautiful photos!! That restaurant looks great and you all look wonderful! Happy birthday to hubby! I love the picture of your mom with the girls, too. Happy for you that you figured out a good solution for better sleep! I’ve never tried ear plugs. I usually fall asleep fine, but if I wake up in the night, I sometimes don’t like all the silence- plus random little creaks or other house noises. It kind of freaks me out. The boys actually leave a radio on in their rooms, for this reason- they said they like how it drowns out the sound of creaks or the furnace, etc which can be kind of unnerving at 3 am I guess.


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