5 on Friday including a holy grail for deep sleep.

One. I had a meeting 7-8:30am on Friday in which I was the peer reviewer of a Philippine project that I started. It was a tough task to do as I tried to be constructive and kind when I honestly thought the project was not well prepared. The nice part of it was when I was invited to speak, more than half of the attendance in Manila office smiled. I didn’t know when it happened but a close friend who attended the meeting also virtually told me the magic moment. It was super nice to know that my old colleagues felt familiar and welcoming me despite my departure.

Two. Buying hubby birthday gift was so hard. First I thought getting him a golf pant, but after trying various stores, I couldn’t find his size so had to think of something else. At the end, I bought him a batik, indonesia shirt. I’m terrible at buying him gifts. Still one more to get for the christmas.

Three. One of benefits of my eye surgery is that I can use my nice sunglasses again!!! Somedays I still reach out to my glass when I wake up, but more often than not I’m forgetting that there’s anything in my eyes. Wonders!

Four. I got my nails done after having to take it off for the surgery. Only when I have my nails done, I don’t bite. I don’t know if anyone notices it, but I don’t feel put together when I have messy nails.

Five. I found a holy grail for snoring husband!!! I bought these and I can’t believe it took me so long to get to it. Either husband’s snoring is getting worse, or I am becoming light sleepers, but I am finding hard time to get back to sleep when I hear any noise, especially his snoring. We were at the point of decide to sleep in different rooms to preserve my sleep quality, so I gave these earplugs a try last night. OMG! I didn’t hear a thing and slept 8.5 hours without waking up. I hope this fix a long time problem.

2 thoughts on “5 on Friday including a holy grail for deep sleep.

  1. You look SO chic in that outfit. Love the big glasses and nails and everything ❤

    Buying gifts can be so hard (and, for me, mentally exhausting). Glad you came up with something!


  2. Love your sunglasses! I agree – you look so chic!!

    I sleep with ear plugs every night. I started that when we had kids. I will still wake up if they are calling for me but it kind of lowers all ambient noise so I sleep better. I have to sleep with a sleep mask, too, so I am pretty high maintenance!!


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