Fitness loss?

I am amazed by how fast I lost my cardio fitness when I stopped running about a month ago. I tried to jog at the gym this Wednesday when it was Sofia’s morning jog day. I did 20 min of very slow jog and felt challenged. Opsss…. what just happened? Not sure. Is it possible to lose cardio fitness so quickly?

Kae’s post reminded me that not every one does cardio as often as I do, and they are fit too. I love running and just found out that I entered to the 2023 Chicago marathon lottery. It would be my 3rd 6 majors. I am super excited but now a bit concerned about getting a new PR giving my newly found cardio performance. Sighh…

My plan is getting back to jogging 3 times a week slowly, building up duration first and then speed, probably 2 sessions of 30-45 min, and 1 of 60 min. I’d try to reach 20-25 miles a week during off season and start the training 6 months before the race with my coach. Meanwhile, I’ll have more days to do other things, like elliptical machine (which I find a great tool for my podcast listening), rowing machine (same concept but different muscle groups). They make me sweat a bit, my HR goes up somewhat, but serves as a resting day from running while still getting the endorphin from sweating. I also plan to do at least 2 days of strength training and fill the gaps with pilates/yoga.

Exciting news: we are getting our shipment from Manila next Tuesday!!! What I miss the most from our old home is my bed, my Mac, and all the kitchen equipment.

Friday plan: morning meeting, buy Christmas gifts, foot massage, bake some cookies, continue reading this book which is fascinating.

2 thoughts on “Fitness loss?

  1. You can lose fitness fast but you’ll get it back! And Chicago is a long ways off! That is exciting that you got in. I was in Chicago yesterday for work and heard about a coworker that didn’t get in and was bummed. I was supposed to run the Chicago marathon in 2013 but then I got diagnosed with RA and couldn’t run. So I cheered on my friends which was still fun. Chicago is a great course and that is such a great time of year for a marathon in the Midwest!


  2. Wow, you got in at Chicago? Very cool!! I know a lot of people Boston qualify on that course because it’s nice and flat. What Lisa said is true- the nice thing about having good baseline fitness is that even if you “lose” it, muscle memory is real and you’ll regain it right away.


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