What made me smile

This amazing sunrise, 5:30am. I would never stop getting amazed when I see the wonder of the nature. Yet, I feel like needing to remind myself to look at it more often. How much I appreciate the nature also depends on my mental state. When I am anxious, stressed out, negative, I don’t appreciate it much.

On my first day back going to the office, I stood at the lobby for while waiting for the driver to come to pick me. He was just in front of me but not moving. HE DIDN’T RECOGNIZE ME. How funny! I just took off my glasses and he didn’t recognize me. So funny.

Someone reached out to me out of the blue, interested to co-author with me a research projects, based on my job market paper over 11 years ago. He just loved my idea and want to pick up where I left, and co-author it. What a happy surprise. I haven’t done any academic research for a decade, it’s something that I enjoy doing but never find the time to do it by myself. So, when someone else want to take the initiative, I’m all for it.

Girls are super excited by the Christmas gift exchange. They are really thinking what to give to each member of the family. I feel a bit behind but finally got a sense of what to get. My current strategy is to buy something that either the person would not buy for themselves, something they have but a nicer version, or something they didn’t know they need. πŸ˜‰

Mom cooking my childhood dishes for the girls. It’s just so comforting to taste them again, they taste home. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “What made me smile

  1. Childhood dishes ALWAYS feel like “home” to me. I love it. I’m so glad your Mom is still visiting.
    That sunrise is gorgeous!
    And what exciting news about your old research being reinvigorated!


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