UNEXPECTED turn of events

Are you ready to go to a ride with me? that’s what happened since my last post!!!

Saturday was uneventful, the only part that was unexpected was the girls found a mushroom near their room entrance. I was in shock to see it to say the least! I immediately informed the landlord and told the girls not to touch it. Landlord told me that the mold inspection company is closed over the weekend and will get back to me on Monday. Then we carried on with our life as usual.

Sunday I woke up tired but had scheduled 16 miles run. I almost didn’t want to do it and even texted my coach that I might cut it short as I wasn’t feeling strong (usual happening when approaching period). Yet, I went out and did it! It was magical I could finish it and wasn’t even too tired. Definitely will write a separate post about it, I know Sarah would be intrigued to read it. I was so happy after my run, see my face while soaking in cold pool

I was not even exhausted as I had been during previous long runs and even cooked lunch

the rest of the afternoon was relaxing. Then the girls found another mushroom on the wall besides Sofia’s bed. WTF!!!! I informed landlord agent again and sent her pictures.

at 7:30pm the agent called me and started with: I don’t have good news for you. The mold specialist saw the picture and said that the mold situation does not look optimal and they need to assess it asap, Monday 8:30am. And WE NEED TO MOVE OUT before they come to inspect. Once they open and check, it won’t be safe for us, especially kids to breath the air.

Imagine my shock, WE NEED TO PACK and LEAVE within 12 hrs? How are we supposed to do that? and where to?

Instead of panic, I started with the where to first. The agent suggested a place 3 blocks away from where we live, a building one of Sofia’s friends live, a long-stay apartment. I called the apartment. They had one 2-bedrooms unit available. Husband took the girls and went there to check immediately. They came back at 8pm and we were settled to move in 10am the next day.

Next task: everybody started packing, taking things we need for the next 3 months, things that we’d take with us to Jakarta, the rest will be shipped.

10:30pm, everybody was tired, I was exhausted, but we were 70% packed. We all went to sleep. Imagine my quality of sleep that night. 😦

6 am everybody up and continued to pack, 2 hrs away before we need to take our things out as the mold company comes. This is our packed scenes, not only clothes, but life necessities

10am, we moved into our new “home”. It’s 1/3 of our old condo’s size, but very cozy and functional.

the rest of the day was about unpacking. I was beyond exhausted as well as our helper. But we managed to unpack before the girls came home after playdates. When Sofia entered, she said: oh this is so homey.

I informed the shipping company that we need to advance our packing/shipping schedule, originally 9/30 to ASAP. They were accommodative and told us they can start on Tuesday. So, husband went back to our condo to pack things before the movers came.

Wanna see what caused all the fuss? real mushroom out of the wall.

Tuesday 9am the movers came. By 12pm, they have advanced a lot. While they packed, I throwed things we no longer need, something that I thought i had a month to do, now in a matter of hours. My colleagues that want some of the furniture also came to pick them.

As I see them work, I felt a bit sad to see how our 5 years’ life footprint was being erased. But I didn’t let myself be in that place for long as I have a lot to do.

1pm, I went “home” for lunch, finding the new “home” really cozy. It felt right to be there at that time, it felt home already.

4pm, 80% of the packing is done. The movers will come back next day to finish packing and Thursday they will pull out the packages.

after dinner, prepared by our wonderful helper in a tiny kitchen, husband went back to do more (fish tank emptying, giving away plants, etc.). I couldn’t do more as my exhaustion continued (oh did I tell you I did my 7 miles workout under the rain in the morning?). The girls and I just read for a long time before it was time for bed.

I am not sure I’m over the initial shock yet as the process is still ongoing but I am surprised that I am not mad with this turn of event. Somehow I find some positive on this:

  • Our one-month moving process got condensed in 48 hrs. I know if we had one month, we would do a little everyday. Now we were forced to do it in short time and I’m glad it’s over.
  • We get to adjust to a smaller apartment early on. Our old condo is 300 sqm, the new temporary home is 110 sqm, and our new home in Jakarta would be 249 sqm.
  • We can enjoy AC without worrying about electricity bill as this apartment rent includes utilities.
  • I’ll have a “funny” story to tell for a long time.
  • We all learn to adapt to new events and find the silver lining of it.

To be continued…..

5 thoughts on “UNEXPECTED turn of events

  1. Wow! That is so crazy.
    I’m also glad you discovered the issue and were able to get out so quickly.
    I can’t imagine how exhausted you are, but it is incredible how quickly work can be done when there is a limited timeline. Work expands to fill the time we give it – and you sure didn’t have much time.

    I agree that your new space looks so homey!!


  2. OMG! What a crazy sequence of events! You are handling this all really well. Doing all of this on top of marathon training is a lot, though – especially after doing a 16 mile run which can really wear you out! I am glad you were able to quickly move to a new place. Finding a mushroom growing out of a wall is just crazy!

    It is a really weird feeling to get packed up for a move. Movers packed up my condo in 2013 when I moved to Charlotte for work and it was a strange sensation to start the day with my condo looking pretty normal and then seeing it completely empty by mid-day. I was not excited about that move so that did not help matters. I remember sitting in my empty condo feeling so bereft and sad.


  3. Crazy!!! I love your new temporary place though- it’s super cozy! And you are totally right that this was probably a blessing in disguise, because it forced you to just put your heads down and pack pack pack until it was done. If you had more time, it would have dragged on for a long time. This definitely must make it all feel more real! Sad to say goodbye to a place you’ve loved for these last several years, though. I can’t believe you are keeping up marathon training – AND full time work hours during all of this?!


  4. Oh my, how shocking! Is this common in humid climates?
    I think something about emergency situations helps to really distill things in our minds as to what is really important. I’m really impressed by how much you managed to do in this situation while maintaining aspects of the regular routine for you and your girls.
    Your experience reminds me of the book Mexican Gothic. I won’t put any spoilers here, but it involves mushroom. Perhaps you shouldn’t read it any time soon, though.


  5. Wow! I’ve never heard of mushrooms growing in an apartment. How do the spores get there in the first place? Bizarre! All the best to you and your family, seems like you handled it with a lot of grace and positivity. Your new temporary place indeed looks super cosy. Well done!


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