My zen master

Updates about our swift move: Wednesday finished packing. Everything is either packed or given away. Thursday they pulled out all the packages. There’s only one bed frame left that husband will give to a friend. And we are done with the first part of the move. Second part of the move would be when we actually move to Jakarta to our new condo. Third part would be when we get our shipment and unpack everything.

Just as I was ready to relax and recuperate my energy yesterday morning after my 10 miles marathon goal pace run (which went very well despite everything else), we got a call from Sofia’s school that she has fever and needed to be picked up ASAP. Gosh…..

She had fever, headache when she came home. After a while when the antifever meds kicked in she was fine. She had larger appetite than usual which was great to see. She took a nap and then woke up with higher fever (39.6C) so I scheduled a teleconsult with the pediatrician to see if she needs to be checked. I am less stressed out with fever given all the times Lizzy had it, but still wanted to be sure. The pediatrician felt bad for me as we “see” each other every month, usually for Lizzy but this time for Sofia. We concluded to monitor her fever and see if she develops other symptoms. Doc didn’t suggest for covid as she had no covid symptoms usually present in kids. After her meds at 4pm, her fever didn’t go back to 39C+ before I went to bed. I told her to call me any time if she feels bad or has fever above 38.5C. Because she took a long nap, she couldn’t fall asleep for long time and kept taking measurement. By 11:38pm, she called me and said she got 38.6C. I gave her tylenol and we went back to sleep.

I woke up 4:30am with a night of poor sleep as I slept with Lizzy (so she doesn’t sleep with Sofia) and had to cover her with blanket every hour or so, and worrying about Sofia. I had 6 miles run in the book so I hit the road at 5:20am.

Kae commented that I kept my marathon training despite all this, and working full time. Well, I took 1 day off (tuesday) to deal with the crisis but didn’t stop/change my training plan. It made me realize how I prioritize these days: 1. family, 2. my running, 3. work, 4. everything else (journaling, meal planning, blog, etc.)

Despite all the life happening, I am trying to keep my zen. When I run I see Moon Paw, my zen maste, she is always there reminding me to be cool, everything will be fine.

oh did I mention I am supposed to travel to Jakarta next Monday? Yes, that too, hopefully it goes through as we are having some entry requirement issues as well. Oh life! Please smile at me already.

2 thoughts on “My zen master

  1. Sorry to hear your daughter has a fever. We have so many covid tests in our house so I always test whenever the kids have a fever or the sniffles, but it has been nice to not have to do that recently since they both had it in late May/June. But we are coming to the end of their 90 period of immunity so we’ll probably have to start testing them again soon. Bleh. Although they are fully vaccinated now! Anyways, kids pick up so many random viruses. Both boys had fevers on our trip but the adults were all healthy luckily. I sleep poorly when they have fevers as I try to go and check on them and give more meds if they are feverish.

    You do have a lot going on between moving, work, and training!! I found marathon training to be so so so so so draining! But it sounds like you are handling it really well!


  2. You are a power house! It’s interesting how it can genuinely help to list our our priorities (family, running, work) and even number them. The ranking can change with different seasons of life but it can allow us to “fail” at certain things (say, volunteering while training for a marathon).
    Priorities change and that’s normal, and having a clear view of our current priorities can be a big help!


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